2011 Fall Ball

Last Saturday night was this year’s Fall Ball, held by the Cozad Hospital Foundation. This is an annual event meant to honor several people that are inducted into the Healthcare Hall of Fame in addition to fundraising. You may remember that last year I compared it to “prom for adults”. It was, once again, gorgeous. Wonderful food and company and the speaker was fantastic. Having never heard of him I was not sure what to expect but he was absolutely inspiring. Steve Siemens is known as a “people-builder”. I can see why. I want to share with you a few things that I took home from his talk:

  • DIE LIVING (word!)
  • The more you give, the more you live
  • Live with enthusiasm
  • Live with loyalty
  • Live with passion
  • We were born to make a difference
  • Commitment, dedication & loyalty LEAD TO excellence, enthusiasm & passion

Miss Holly

Holly & Kalia (oh, and Adam, too)

3 thoughts on “2011 Fall Ball

  1. Um, how super smokin’ hot do you look? And is it just me or is Adam getting more tall, dark and handsome with age? He is looking kind of movie-star-ish. No? You guys look amazing.

  2. It is fun to dress up on occasion, I’ll admit that…like, maybe once per year…..or other year!

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