Fall Ball

Saturday night was the hospital foundation’s 2010 Fall Ball. They host this annually to induct person’s into their hall of fame. There is a speaker, wonderful dinner, silent auction, live music and dancing~you name it. We were told of it weeks ago and warned in advance that it was formal but not quite sure how much. Adam wore a suit and I a dress with 2″ heels. A car pulled in next to us and a woman got out with feathers in her hair and we immediately knew that we certainly were not OVER-dressed!

I had ordered my shoes online and had them sent to my sister’s address earlier last week and my 18 and 21 year old nieces saw me pick them up Friday night and asked if this was “uh, like a prom for adults?”. Turned out to pretty much be. And let me tell you….it was awesome.

There were truffles with a cute lil’ go box by our name cards at our table. The room was draped in chiffon from the ceiling to the floor. Live music all night. Prime rib was served and the speaker was LeAnn Thieman~AMAZING!

LeAnn Thieman is a nurse but is also a well-known writer and speaker. She wrote Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, in addition to many other of the Chicken Soup books. Most interesting, however is that she was one of just a few people that were a part of Operation Baby Lift in 1975 where she helped take 100 babies out of Vietnam to the U.S. She had photos where they literally took babies 2-4 per cardboard box in a cargo plane. Very inspiring.

There was a photographer there that took formals of each couple and I am told we will be receiving this in the mail. It was wonderful to meet my partner’s spouses and the other 270 people there!! As we dress up NEVER, Adam had his camera out OF COURSE and caught me coming down the stairs. Remember when I fell and broke my arm last March. Yeah, well that was the last time I wore heels. This was almost a fall but I caught myself:









And, one final photo of us (isn’t Adam a hottie!)…the night just confirmed even more that we realllly want to take dance lessons. Too bad we have never lived close enough to a bigger community that offers them.

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