It may be the end of me….or teach me rhythm


We have a membership to the local fitness center and go and we both do our thing. Me? I do the SAME thing each time. Pick whatever TV show I want to watch, plug in my ear phones, hop on the treadmill and go. In December there was a guest instructor that was here just for a few weeks that taught Zumba and people LOVED it. My nurse went once and said she thought she was going to die only 3 minutes into the 60 minute class but really liked the very end where she got to throw her arms in the air like she was saying “ta-da!”.

Because of its popularity a couple of gals have gone to get trained and are starting a class on April 5th. One of them I know, the other I don’t but I hear she is awesome. I got an invite from her on facebook and I talked to some of our nurses at the clinic and there was a lot of “I’ll go if you go”, etc. I’m gonna give it a try. There are a gazillion you tube videos of Zumba-including all sorts of versions but Adam found a few that I took a look at today and actually tried to do and discovered 1) I may die 2) I have no rhythm WHATSOEVER. It is like that scene in the movie Hitch where Will Smith tells the white guy about his dance moves “Don’t EVER do that again!”.

All the while, Adam is laughing. I told him I am NOT going to dance class I AM going to an exercise class!

Here is a video of Zumba. Other than the rock-hard abs and skin tight exercise clothes, awesome rhythm, lack of sweat and constant smile…this COULD be me sometime….    OH!! And, WHO wears their hair down when they work out????? I mean, come on people?????

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