BIG news

Hang with me through this post…the BIG news is to come!

We grew up in Whitefish, Montana, a ski resort town about 60 miles south of the Canadian border. Back then it was mostly locals (Montanans) living there with a population shy of 5,000 but since then the area has grown exponentially. It started with movie stars moving to the area such as Kiefer Sutherland, Huey Lewis, Tom Brokaw, and more. It is certainly not unheard of for a celebrity to be vacationing here like Justin Bieber or Jamie Foxx most recently. The downtown is full of shops and restaurants, each unique. The atmosphere is incredible. There is nothing like it, all situated at the base of the ski hill. When we were in high school we would catch the ski bus when school got out and go night skiing until 10:30 and sleep in the bus on the way back down the hill. It was awesome! Whitefish is now home to well over 7,000 and is the ONLY town in the entire state of Montana with sales tax.


30 miles to the east is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see….. And I’m not just saying this. Glacier National Park is crazy beautiful!


I was baptized in a river that is a run off from Glacier. The water is amazing for whitewater rafting or fishing and it is a hiking and camping paradise. Definitely a great place for kids to grow up!

About 5-10 minutes south of Whitefish is the biggest community in the Flathead Valley called Kalispell. It is much more reasonable to build/buy homes here, this is where all of the big shopping is, there are multiple schools to choose from and their healthcare is booming right along side their growing population of about 25,000. Kalispell is where my little brother and his wife and two sons live. My older brother, his wife and daughter are a short 90 minutes away.

When we got married we agreed we would always live by family. We started out in Nebraska while I was in graduate school but when I was unable to find a job locally we ended up moving back to Great Falls, Montana. We stayed there two years and missed our family badly. My little brother was coming up on his senior year in high school and we were missing my sister’s 6 kids horribly. I was able to get a position in Tecumseh, getting us closer to them all. For seven years we commuted from Tecumseh to Kearney to see these little loves of ours do their activities. We’ve watched them grow up-from toddlers to beautiful adults!

In Tecumseh I was taking a lot of call covering the ER and we knew we were ready to start our family so decided it was time for me to slow down. In came Cozad. Not only do I not have to take call here but we are even closer to the kids-only 45 minutes! Fast forward over 6 years. We now have our own little love and all but one of my sister’s kids are grown. That little brother that I mentioned was a senior in high school 13 years ago? He is grown, too. And married with two beautiful boys under two, Lainey’s cousins! And, he found his way home to Montana.

Not only did Adam and I promise one another we’d always live by family but when we decided that we were going to have our family “later in life”, we always dreamed that our child(ren) would be able to grow up by their cousins. Knowing my older brother and sister’s kids were much older, we imagined raising our littles along side my little brother’s.


I’m sure by now you can see where I am heading with all of this so I will leave you with this:

img_20161113_123248166 img_20161113_123820286

We will be moving the second week of January. We are out of this world excited! I will share more in the coming weeks. For now, friends, please pray for us as it is not easy keeping a clean house and packing with a 22 month old! We are both running quite ragged but at the end of the day fall asleep with smiles on our faces knowing this is all in God’s plan as this decision was not made quickly or taken lightly. Doors have been opened, opportunities we normally would not have considered have been embraced. God is so good. Our next step is to sell our home so if you know of anyone looking, pretty please send them our way! Here is a flyer: House for sale


unanswered prayers

I referenced a couple of posts back about having surgery. Well, it didn’t happen due to unexpected insurance reasons. I could go on and on about my disappointment in our healthcare system and frustrations that I experience daily in my practice and obviously now personally, too but that is not what this post is about. This post is about unanswered prayers.

Sometimes God is right on and knows exactly what He is doing. #amen

I was supposed to have a hysterectomy for endometriosis. I am likely full of it. We did not realize how much so until we received the surgical report from 2014. From the surgery I had to remove the 8 fibroids right before we tried the last time to conceive. We were told after that surgery that the surgeon DID see “some” endometriosis and removed it. He only briefly mentioned it. Flash forward to now when we received the surgical report and it appears that I was basically riddled with endometriosis. One can only conclude that this is likely why we were losing our babies. With endometriosis you not only miscarry easily but the entire pregnancy is often not as high of quality from the very beginning. It is best to treat the endometriosis before conceiving. Ideally the treatment is with an injection called Lupron 6 months prior to trying to conceive.

My surgery was in June, 2014. Had I been told this we would have taken Lupron from July through February, 2015. We wouldn’t have tried to conceive and lost our fourth baby, leading us to proceed forward with our fingerprints, learning about surrogacy vs. adoption, etc.

Lainey Noelle was born January 21, 2015. I would still have been on Lupron. Adopting would not have even been on our radar yet. My stomach hurts thinking about not having this beautiful soul as my daughter…


Thank you, GOD. THANK YOU, GOD! It is a weird feeling to (somewhat) feel thankful for losing my fourth baby so I could have my beautiful daughter.

I leave you with these journal pages that I found this morning. They are from my pregnancy with Noelle. I can feel our excitement while reading them and I remember hearing her heartbeat. I am so glad we have a recording of it. I am also sharing that post below!

img_20161113_092406528 img_20161113_092523130 img_20161113_092536114

the most beautiful sound on earth

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. ” Mark 11:24





Lainey is busy. Insanely busy. Are all 22 month old’s like this? I mean seriously…I present example one: LAUNDRY Most of us have dirty laundry sitting in front of the washer while washing clothes. Lainey is sooooo helpful. She just loves to get in to the dryer and take out the clean, dry clothes for me. And, while she is at she loves to help out by putting the dirty clothes into the dryer. Such a sweetheart! Consequently, Mama has to smell everyone’s clothes to determine if they are clean or not. Nice.


For a long time she has thrown away her own diaper and for the last 6 weeks or so she has started to flush the toilet. Not sure why as she, herself, does not utilize said toilet. Regardless, on more than one occasion we have found diapers now in our toilets. These are great fun to remove.


We are working on manners. She is really good at thank you and please. Recently after her bath she was sitting naked on her hard wood floor in her bedroom. She had a really long loud toot. Of course, Daddy and I were trying really hard to not roll on the floor in laughter. I said, “Lainey, what do you say?”. She thought really hard and for a long time. Her response? “Bless you”. #needtoworkonthat


She has had two more reactions to cow’s milk. Boo! She had nothing from March to August. We were getting excited that she was growing out of it but then has reacted twice since then, once of the reactions was actually the worse she had since her very first when she was 8 months old. She’ll be seeing her allergist to be retested in December and I now imagine it will still be positive for a cow’s milk allergy. Needless to say, we all have really good cholesterol in this house. #pleasesendcheese

Halloween was super fun with her this year! We went to five houses and she was amazed that all of those people gave her treats!


Two months ago she had fun at Hay Days. She was a great parade watcher and carnival rider!

img_20160911_161936717-001 img_20160911_160330702-001 img_20160911_155127552-001 img_20160910_105733296-001

She loves Ring Around the Rosie. She calls it ‘Ashes’. Daddy and Mama aren’t good enough, though. It has to be a family affiar, including Kalia and Tally. Thankfully she’ll let Daddy carry Tally and Kalia has learned how to “fall down”.


Clothing is definitely optional to her. We clearly hope this changes.




Do not be fooled, she does not like vegetables!



This stroller is literally on its last leg. She sucks her tummy in just so she can still fit herself into it!

She has baked with Mama twice now, both times mixing with her hands rather than the spoon. #wearefamily,right?


And, finally…do you remember the page in our Christmas card that was dedicated to all of her “what the heck?” faces. She still makes those very same faces. A lot, actually. We think she thinks we are crazy old parents, probably. At least that is what we think she is thinking when she gives us this look: