It may be the end of me….or teach me rhythm


We have a membership to the local fitness center and go and we both do our thing. Me? I do the SAME thing each time. Pick whatever TV show I want to watch, plug in my ear phones, hop on the treadmill and go. In December there was a guest instructor that was here just for a few weeks that taught Zumba and people LOVED it. My nurse went once and said she thought she was going to die only 3 minutes into the 60 minute class but really liked the very end where she got to throw her arms in the air like she was saying “ta-da!”.

Because of its popularity a couple of gals have gone to get trained and are starting a class on April 5th. One of them I know, the other I don’t but I hear she is awesome. I got an invite from her on facebook and I talked to some of our nurses at the clinic and there was a lot of “I’ll go if you go”, etc. I’m gonna give it a try. There are a gazillion you tube videos of Zumba-including all sorts of versions but Adam found a few that I took a look at today and actually tried to do and discovered 1) I may die 2) I have no rhythm WHATSOEVER. It is like that scene in the movie Hitch where Will Smith tells the white guy about his dance moves “Don’t EVER do that again!”.

All the while, Adam is laughing. I told him I am NOT going to dance class I AM going to an exercise class!

Here is a video of Zumba. Other than the rock-hard abs and skin tight exercise clothes, awesome rhythm, lack of sweat and constant smile…this COULD be me sometime….    OH!! And, WHO wears their hair down when they work out????? I mean, come on people?????

Belly Busters UPDATE

So we made it past the first elimination round where they boot out the team that lost the least percentage after the first 6 weeks. But now comes the tough part. Starting this week the slate is wiped clean. Up until now we’ve been in the top four and been doing great. HOWEVER. Now comes the hard part. Each week the team that loses the least percentage is dropped. I have a hunch our end is near. We should wave our white flag now. SOS. Wednesday will be our day to depart from the biggest loser. One gal on the team really has very little more that she can lose as far as I am concerned-she swears she is doing a colon cleanse this weekend!!! The other one hasn’t been the most dependable. And, Pat. Oh, dear Pat. Dr. Wetovick. As he told me….”I have no motivation”. He hasn’t done very well, poor guy. And to add to the pain this week in the clinic was pure torture (seriously people, come on….will you at least consider getting your flu shot~just sayin’!), especially for Pat Mon-Weds and he took off skiing Thursday for a long weekend and I’m sure he’ll be binging away his sorrows as I would be, too.


I’ve lost 23lbs and as I am close to the smallest I have ever been am disgusted to say that I saw a partner’s patient yesterday and as she was leaving she asked me when I was due. I promptly spewed (yes I just used the word spew) onto her shoes. Actually what I really wanted to do is tell her to go back to his hall and never come back to our hall again! But. I didn’t because my nurse wrestled me down and duct-taped my mouth shut. For the rest of the day that was the joke….about how this person asked me this and everyone in the clinc couldn’t believe it. Guess we’ll be doing some clothes altering this weekend…

Oh, and one good thing….I think (not 100% sure) that even if your team gets booted you can continue individually for an individual prize at the end of the competition. If so, I might just keep on goin’….

Belly Busters

The clinic I work in is hospital owned and the hospital always does a “Biggest Loser” program. You need to be on a team of 4 and it is $25 to sign up. You need to weigh in weekly and at week 6 the team that has lost the smallest percentage (not pounds) is booted out, and then each week thereafter a team is ousted for the same reason until you have your grand winner. While there are no trips to Jamaica promised there are some fairly decent prizes, such as Husker tickets (which are very difficult to come by), one year there was a Wii, etc…

The clinic, itself has never had a team but this year we decided to. It consists of my bookie aka Peg, she cleans the clinic and collects $2.00 from everyone that wants to participate in the clinic every Wednesday that wants in on powerball for that night so that someday we can all win and be on TV and say how we are going to split our money and what we are each going to do with it and how we are going to keep working even though we are now millionaires, etc. Then there is Kathy our new office manager~I am just now getting to know her. Next is one of my partners, Pat aka Dr. Wetovick (and also my friend because he is a great cousin Eddie impersonator). He’s awesome and also the reason we decided to go with the name Belly Busters instead of Muffin Tops….I’m just sayin’ cause he’s a guy and all. And then there is me.

I blogged last year about getting my body ready for babe and that included losing weight and I did that. In fact, 50lbs. And, I have kept that off. Butttt. Then the college (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) released new BMI recommendations and wouldn’t ya know it! Yeppers, I should be a lil’ lower yet. So, I’ve been still working on it which is fine. Lordy knows I don’t want to be the reason the Belly Busters gets banished. Apparently it is a 12 week “game” if you want to call it that. I’m down 11lbs, I think we are all doing fairly well so I’m hoping we’ll still be contenders at week 6! I’ll keep you posted.

The interesting thing is that other than getting my muscles into shape I think my body is probably ready for a baby. Yes Mom and Kim, I just wrote that. For real. It is spiritually that I am weak. I have deep fears that I am working on. That is for another post.

I’ve strayed long enough…so, here is to the Belly Busters!