These past two weekends have been great! Packed full of goodness which is fabulous as it has been very much needed. We decided to spend our 15th anniversary apart. No, wait….that sounded bad.

We were together the actual DAY of it, you see but had plans for the entire weekend that didn’t involve one another. We started the weekend together in Omaha and then went our separate ways. You see I had got tickets to Women of Faith months ago to go with a bestest girlfriend. This is where things got tricky (more comical than anything because you have to KNOW Adam-he’d never, ever want to hurt my feelings). Adam came home one weekend awhile back wanting (nervously) to ask me what I thought about him going on this 4 day hiking/camping trip with a bunch of Christian guys in WY. The catch? “Ummmmm”, he said…..”it is over our 15th.” I’m all Dude! No problem! I’m leavin’ town myself so go for it! Totally caught him off guard and for about 3 minutes he looked like a little kid in a candy store.

Fast forward and he ended up not going camping but I still ditched him. For Women of Faith. But he made his own different fabulous plans, too. Missy and Jason lived in Tecumseh while we were there and left around the same time we did last year only they went South~to Tulsa. Missy is who I went to WOF with and Jason and Adam spent the weekend together re-living some of their favorite childhood (ahem, early 30’s) memories (such as a going fishing, geo-caching, getting a 12-pack and gaming for 24 hours straight-that would be a 12-pack of OATMEAL CREAM PIES!). Missy and Jason are a couple that inspires Adam and I. They are strong in faith, no matter what which always amazes me because that is where I am weakest. They are funny so you can’t NOT have a side ache from laughing while with them and they have 3 beautiful kids that they are raising and Missy, in fact is getting ready to start homeschooling this fall….something I am so very proud of her!

You may not know it....but that look in my eyes that is making them look all squinty and weird: PURE fatigue (read more below about the whole whacko backo!!)

Jason, Missy, Adam & I

Jason being the grown man-child that he is (a great big ball of fun!)

So even though we have had some things on our minds (Adam and I) and I have a defective back (long story but the short version now involves me sleeping on the queen size guest mattress on the floor in our bedroom while Adam is still sleeping on the king set in that there same said room) we have been re-fueled these past two weeks.

WOF was amazing. I will post another snippet about it with some more pics and stories. There were a few things I wish were different but overall….I NEEDED that two days. It was very good for me. I have one story for this post and it involves Sandi Patty. I’ve never heard her sing before and she was amazing. We had fabulous seats-4th row! It just so happens that those who were hearing impaired were only two sections to our left. Sandi sang “We Shall Behold Him” and while she did she signed it too. While she was doing this she was facing the section where the hearing impaired folks were. Her voice was booming through the arena and her sign language was so very animated. People, I cannot even begin to describe to you how it felt at that moment. God’s presence was there for sure. All of those folks were signing back to her the song as well. It was beautiful. Can you imagine how if it touched and moved me the way it did…..what she must have done for the hearing impaired folks? Apparently she does this….sign while singing at times, that is.

Sandi signing while singing....

Later she said a quote that I love. It was something to the effect that when we don’t get what we want, it may not be that He is saying no to our dream; it may be that He is saying yes to a dream that we have not had yet. Kind of reminds me of that country song….”some of God’s greatest gifts~are unanswered prayers”. Anyways, she touched me and refueled me a tad.

Last night we volunteered for World Vision. We had been contacted a couple of months ago as we sponsor Abdiel still and they asked if we would be able to volunteer at an upcoming concert. Sure! Our duties were minimal and were good but the concert…..Casting Crowns. You guys, they were amazing! They are fantastic worship leaders and their new song that is coming out “Come to the Well” is beautiful. I hate to write this but it is true: the presence of God was in that arena last night in Kearney more than I felt it the majority of time in Omaha at the Qwest Center during WOF (kind of what I’ll elaborate on more later). If you ever, ever get a chance to go to Casting Crowns… You’ll feel re-fueled. Pinky-swear.

After returning home from the concert (I look tired and Adam, um....well, looks....twitterpated maybe??)

Our World Vision friendship bracelets (80s flashback!!!) & VOTA band. They were the opening band and are from Lincoln-they were great!


The discussion taking place on Adam’s blog this week is why Catholics go to Priests to confess their sins rather than just to God. Shall be verrrry interesting. The other Adam is Catholic and is going to educate us. Please post your thoughts as well. I think it would be hard in a small town such as ours where there is primarily one Priest and everyone knows everyone, don’t you? Do you think in small towns Catholics feel comfortable truly confessing? Hmmmmm…..

Adam’s Blog

Do you feel smurfy about santa?

Adam and I grew up drastically different…I believing whole-heartedly in santa and loving our Christmas tree, him not. I would be lying if I said this has not been an area of contention in our marriage. When first married, it was a huge issue when ever having children was brought up. We would sort of “agree to disagree” and that we would not have children until we could agree on those “sorts of things”. Like the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy. Once we were taking care of my sister’s kids while they were out of town and one of them lost a tooth. Heaven forbid I had to be the tooth fairy that night…Adam was NOT happy.

Over the years there have been great debates, awesome arguments over the holidays amongst my family and Adam. He definitely stands his own. One year my sister had him in the drawing and gave him a stuffed grinch wrapped in grinch paper…he took it in stride of course.

Like the easter bunny, Halloween is an issue too. These are all past-times that I am so very accustomed to and grew up with. These are things that we are sorting through and trying to figure out what will work for us.

SMURFS! That’s another area that has always gotten to me. I loved smurfette!!! Adam says he was never allowed to watch them and has a mind-set that the smurfs were bad because smurfette was a boy turned into a girl….something about witchery of some sort.

Where am I going with all of this, you may ask? Well, Adam has a good friend that he works with whose name also happens to be Adam (all the good one’s are!). They both love Jesus but have some differing opinions in some things and have decided to pick a topic to “discuss” each week on Adam’s (my Adam) bible study blog. This is in no way meant to be a method to criticise one another. It is not to judge one another, rather to simply help each other grow in Faith…..and maybe help Adam and I figure out what to do with our own little babe with some of these issues.

So, check it out. The link is also on the side bar with my other favorite sites. Please comment, but don’t attack. And, remember that they are going to start a new topic each Monday.


I received this from my Uncle this morning and I think we should all watch it. Think twice the next time you are quickly scribbling a note and write xmas instead of Christmas and like the guy says in the video the next time you go to order a latte and they say “Happy Holidays” maybe you could say something. I like the comment about Valentine’s day. We don’t say “Happy Holidays” to people on Valentine’s day.

A leetle bity update

Adam saw the specialist again today. He has been done with all of his medicine for over 24 hours now. They see no more “issues” inside the eye. All is healed, they say. They sound fairly sure that he is recovered to his max at this point. We hope he is WRONG. We are still going to pray for more recovery.

Before the accident his vision was beyond perfect at 20/15. His vision is now 20/50 and they recommended he get glasses. We are going to hold onto the prescription for the glasses for a couple-three weeks and then decide what to do. I can tell Adam is disappointed. I am, too but…we have to remember that he still does have sight at least…it could have been a heck of a lot worse.