“Web Cam 101 for seniors”

This is the absolute best! I especially love it at 1:55 where he tells her to show her “boobies”. Ha! Here is the story about how this video became: 

A couple from northwestern Oregon who are Internet newbies have found themselves the unwitting subjects of an instant viral video, thanks to a little help from a grandkid.

Bruce Huffman, 86, and his wife, Esther, 79, of the Hillside Retirement Community in McMinnville, recently purchased their first laptop computer –- an aqua colored beauty with a built-in webcam.

Late last month, the couple sat down together and tried to figure out how to make a video with the webcam, something a granddaughter had painstakingly attempted to teach Esther a few days beforehand.

“I was trying to figure out how to do the videos and didn’t know the thing was actually running,” Esther told The Huffington Post. “All the while, Bruce was kind of amusing himself because he was bored. He was being quite an actor.”

The nearly three minute video captures Bruce making funny faces, singing, burping and at one point, during a moment of levity, he got a little flirtatious with his wife. “See how pretty your hair is?” he said. “Just drop your dress a little bit and see your boobies.”

Esther, focused on the task at hand, shot down the request. “Come on stop it. No, no, no,” she laughed.

When the couple’s granddaughter later saw the video, she titled it “Web Cam 101 for seniors”. 

“I did not know anything about YouTube, but apparently, it is spreading like wildfire,” Esther said.

While the accidental celebrities are surprised by the amount of attention the video is garnering, they said they are happy that people are enjoying it.

“We certainly didn’t plan it, but there is so much bad news out there. We are glad we could put something fun out there. We like to have a good time and if it makes people laugh, that’s ok,” Esther said.

There is, however, one thing she would change going back.

“I wouldn’t have looked that way,” she said. “I guess I have to quit chewing gum. I look like a cow chewing gum so quickly.”

While their candid video is endearing the modest couple to the World Wide Web, they have no immediate plans of making another video.

“We’re still trying to figure out how to work it,” Bruce said. “But we’re having fun trying.”

Grand Marshalls

This weekend is Hay Days here in Cozad~an annual event. Think corn dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, Shriner’s in little cars, horses and flying candy. Oh-and twirly “surely someone has vomited on it today already” rides operated by questionable personnel. True home-town, small-town fun.

They  chose to honor my partners and I by asking us to be the parade grand marshalls. Having never been royalty, I’ve never experienced the grand luxury of riding on the back of a convertible doing the parade wave. Quite fun, it was. Two of us were out of town (Pat & Jack) so it was just Steven, Kate & I.

Kate receiving a call from the ER mid-parade...

….the hemorrhoid to my rectum

So I am now a member of Pinterest and am having a ball with it! My very own virtual bulletin board…I love quotes, sayings, what have you that make me giggle, inspire me and just overall fill my soul with warm fuzzies. I came across this and love it!

So one of my partners at my medical practice is also our neighbor, so I know his wife pretty well, too. Stephen and Cheryl are from Canada (years ago) and are the ones that build the ice rink in their backyard every winter~love it! Cheryl helps out occasionally at our clinic, too. Yesterday she happened to be working and I was talking to my nurse about how I told my Husband he was the ice cream to my cone and Stephen overheard and said “What?!”. I explained about the above sign and said, “you know, you could tell Cheryl she is the cheese to your macaroni…..or the peanut butter to your jelly”. His response, “Oh, I see…..like you’re the hemorrhoid to my rectum”. Ah, no. Ha ha ha ha! (I also overheard another nurse down the hall say “you are the cancer on my liver…Gah!!)

Other ones I like…..you are the gasoline to my car, the popcorn to my movie, the sauce to my spaghetti (seems to be a lot food related!!! hmmmm…..), the polish to my fingernails, the frosting to my cake, the light bulb to my lamp, I could keep going~how fun!