child of God

It was important to us that Adam’s Dad, Michael, be the one to do Lainey’s dedication so a trip to Mississippi was planned! She did awesome on her first trip, of course. She even continued to sleep through the night there which was great (she has slept through the night (7-10 hours) since she was 5 weeks old!).

tired mama...tired baby

tired mama…tired baby

Her dedication was done the last Sunday in March at their church and was wonderful.






Brother Carter (Pawpaw) challenged us and all of the parents there that day to raise our children for our Lord. I will admit that when I look back at this photo I think of Simba in the Lion King and the song The Circle of Life is in my head!!! (you know you are singing the same song in your head right this minute!!) bahaha




The gown Lainey wore is a family gown from my side of the family that my Mother and all eight of her siblings were baptized in. Almost 70 years old, a Feltman Brothers gown, it has been repaired by hand in several places in the back. Lainey spit up a small amount on it while wearing it. While I hand-washed it once we were home, I imagined my Nana doing the very same thing nine times before me years ago. Wow!


IMG_9241 IMG_9220 IMG_9194


Our Lainey girl met so many more family members, including her great grandfathers! This is precious to me as I never met any of my great grandparents.


Great Grandaddy checks her out!

2015-03-29 001

Meeting Great Pawpaw Carter

This little gal is so loved by her family! We hope to make a trip to Florida this fall for her to meet the rest of my family next!

“So we have dedicated her to the LORD; as long as she lives she is dedicated to the LORD.” 1 Samuel 1:28

Carter Men

I know I have said it before but here I go at it again….I can confidently say I know what my Husband will look like as he ages. He now looks like his Dad did when we first started dating 20 years ago and I can glimpse into our future every time I peak at photos of his Dad and Pawpaw. Basically, he’ll be good lookin’ forever. ūüėČ

Pawpaw singing worship songs to Adam & I

Celebrating Adam's Father's Birthday (whoa-mouthful!!)


Sad portrayal of what happens when you eat too many Goodhumor bars (literally)...Diabetes can creep up on you quickly!!! Insulin=ability to have a small piece of cake!


Blessings of strength and courage

Gaunt, pale and tired appearing. Older than she is. Frail and sad. All¬†appropriate¬†words¬†to describe Adam’s sister, his only sibling, for the past 10 years. We knew she wasn’t right in 2001 when she came with Adam’s Mom to my graduation from Creighton in Omaha. She was withdrawn and emaciated appearing. What followed was literally 10 years of instability.

Drugs.They almost ruined her.


Last September she voluntarily checked herself into rehab and came out a different person ready to face 2012. Adam and I both cried the first time we talked to her on the phone after she was out of rehab. She sounded like a different person. She sounded like she cared. Like she was interested in what we said. We had the pleasure of spending a day with her during our recent visit to Mississippi.

Beautiful, strong and healthy appearing. Happy with a new sense of living. This is how she is now. She is a joy to be with. She has new found faith in Jesus, having re-dedicated her life to Him. She attends outpatient rehab meetings and is active in her church. Unfortunately she cannot return home. As with any bad habit she must put that part of her life behind her which means not living in the same community as our family. A two hour drive, though is easy peasy just to see her knowing she is finally well. She still has her nursing license and is getting ready to enter the job force. Her kids, although they love Nana and Pawpaw, look forward to spending more time with their Mom.

It is interesting to feel a sense of peace when thinking of Tina now. While things are not going to be easy for her, we at least know she is healthy again. She is safe and well-nourished. She is leading a productive life once again and we¬†no longer have the worry of getting “that phone call” that she is gone.

We are proud of her and we love her very much. She is beautiful. See for yourself:

Tina & Adam...painting pottery

Michael & Brenda Carter and Family



livin’ on the edge

Adam and I are dare devils, I tell ya! We are just wild! We take risks and do all sorts of crazy things! Like drive fast….


Unbeknown¬†to us my Mother-in-law’s speedometer acts up occasionally. We spent some time in Mississippi this past week and weekend and took Adam’s Pawpaw to the Carter cemetery and on our way home we were flyin’ I tell ya. Funny, it didn’t feel like 120mph. Pawpaw said he hasn’t lived that recklessly in years! Glad we could give the ol’ guy the ride of his life!