And again

I did it again. This very morning. Got stuck in that exact same spot! You may ask, Shana~dearie, why did you go that same way when you know you may get stuck there? Well, I couldn’t back out because Adam’s car was behind mine because he had taken my Mom to the airport in her SUV this am VERY early and it was still dark out and I didn’t want to hit him and couldn’t see and and and….

Yesterday, a friend of ours was able to “bump” me out with his truck by basically tapping me a couple of times (no damage, thankfully) but today a friend of ours that works for the city had to actually pull me out. Now let me just say that I am not the only one getting stuck in this exact place (although I am probably the only one that has so more than once). Adam even did yesterday! So, the good news is that after this morning our friend is going to plow the alley for us! Yay for Doug and Chris!

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