Our Adoption Journey

Below are the links to all of the posts that I wrote during our infertility and adoption journey, listed chronologically. Of course there have and will continue to be many more posts related to these topics but below is where it all started. Many blessings to you!


Catching up…



Am I a Mother?

Please tell them….

feeling fault


products of conception

Who would you have been?

the most beautiful sound on earth

sweet little ones

Noelle Lynne’


I love this man

on friends/family having babies

Daddy don’t cry

something to look forward to

my angel babies

The holidays after losing a baby

I love chalkboards!

Temptation and maybe an answer

not feeling alone…

the hostile environment

new hope

What if?

We’re a go!


a new chalkboard for work!

ready for baby

Mother’s Day, 2014

expecting not just a baby, expecting the rest of our lives


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus

Lainey Lynne’

music to our ears

tonight’ s menu


Missing and wishing

New reality

Rock and Roll….and the naughty restaurant


life goes on


lost identity

fur babies

falling apart or falling into place?


what to do (or not do) if a loved one or friend suffers from infertility/miscarriage

my strong Husband

missing so many tomorrows….

over the edge


I am….

the fantasy child

future baby Carter

harboring a fugitive

infertility/miscarriage art




L is for Lainey


us II

Good reads


Being in family practice and infertile

I lied….

our miracle baby

Red Carpet, the story of Lainey Noelle, part 1

Child without a name, the story of Lainey Noelle, part 2

A Miracle! the story of Lainey Noelle, part 3

What a difference a week makes!

she gave life, we’ll give the world, the story of Lainey Noelle part 4

Finally a family, the story of Lainey Noelle, part 5


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  1. Hello, my name is Amy and I heard your daughter is EBF but you are in need of some milk! I have a pretty good stash going and would be willing to talk to you more about what you are needing/wanting! Please email or call me! My number is 402-720-9858! Hope to hear from you soon!


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