Good reads

I love a good book. Here are a few of the books I am currently (or getting ready to) reading:

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  • Gone Girl. This was an awesome read. So many twists and turns but can I just say…the ending sucked. Big time.
  • Jesus Calling. This was a gift to me several years ago. I try to read it every night. For those of us that struggle with really getting into the word, I recommend it.
  • Ressurection Year. This is written by Sheridan Voysey, the Husband from this post. This book has been very touching so far. As Adam says, their story is “spot-on” and feels like our own story. I can only hope we can make strides as big as they have…I will likely write more about my (our) thoughts when I am done with it.
  • Just One Thing. My doctor in Omaha recommend I read this to help with my guilt and feelings of inadequacies. I actually think Adam and I may read it together.
  • The Book of Awesome. I have started this already and love it. Each chapter is only a page or two and is about something awesome. Something happy. Like warm underwear from the dryer or a cashier opening a new register when you are in line at the store. There is more than one apparently by this author and I look forward to diving into those also.
  • The Rosie Project. I have purchased this already but haven’t started it yet. It sounds awesome and has a sequel of sorts that doesn’t sound quite as good but this one should be great!
  • The Good Girl. This is another I have purchased but haven’t started yet. It has good reviews and will hopefully be a good read.

Does anyone have any good recommendations out there for me of what you are enjoying?!!

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