lost identity

Our beautiful niece sent this to me. This video is perfect. It is us, only this couple is light years ahead of us as far as healing goes. I pray someday we make it as far as they have.

It is about broken dreams and somehow coming to terms with them. The Husband says at one point the perfect thing, “someone that is wrapped up in a broken dream is someone with a lost identity”. I definitely feel like I don’t know who I am right now. My identity is lost. How do we break free from this broken dream that we had? He references that even though we had a dream to be parents, we need to realize that there are other dreams we can have. We shouldn’t let our broken dream define us. It is so tough because this has been our focus for years….getting pregnant, going through all of the motions the doctors have told us to, etc. This is a chapter in our life that we need to close. But, how? I don’t know how to do this….yet. I pray for new dreams. New attainable and realistic dreams.

At what point do we stop all together? Should we even be pursuing adoption or considering surrogacy. Does God want us to be done with this entire idea in our life? I just struggle with this thought. Surely He wants us to multiply and to glorify Him by raising a child up in His image and teaching them to worship Him. Or, is this just another wish but not actual reality?

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