I am….

My Sister posted this on facebook in reply to my Lost Identity post. I am all of these things, I just need to remember it. And, remember to not let our infertility identify me. Thanks, Kim.

You are…

♡An impassioned medical care giver to many, many patients. ..

♡A supportive co worker to several nurses and doctors ..
♡A partner in life to your husband. ..
♡An adoring aunt to 12 nieces and nephews. ..
♡A warm – hearted sister in law to four…
♡An irreplaceable daughter. ..
♡An appreciated daughter in law. ..
♡A doting animal mama…
♡A faithful friend to countless people. ..
♡A caring cousin to numerous relatives. ..
♡An adoring niece to dozens. ..
♡A loving granddaughter. ..
♡A devoted sister to three. ..


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4 thoughts on “I am….

  1. S elfless
    H onorable, committed and ethical medical provider
    A dored by anyone who is lucky enough to know her
    N urturing friend, colleague, sister, niece, daughter, wife
    A dmired for her faith and her commitment to family

    I wish your name was more letters…There are so many words to describe how wonderful you are and how deeply you are loved.
    We are lifting you up in prayer; and in praise for the amazing person that you are.

  2. And of course, let’s not forget…

    A mazing gentle-man
    D evoted husband, uncle, & son
    A lways giving
    M an of Faith

    We love both of you!!

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