Every Christmas as a child I got so excited when the present truck (UPS) came, especially when he brought the box from my Nana and Pepe. They always gave everyone the best gifts! My Nana sent a porcelain Goebel angel for each year to my Mom. I remember my Mom would open the small rectangle box as soon as the gifts arrived and display it with all of the others. She never waited until Christmas Eve when we traditionally opened our other family gifts.

We lost my Nana almost five years ago. That first Christmas all three of my siblings and I got dozens of little rectangular boxes from our Mom. She had spent months upon months scouring auction sites searching for our very own angel from every single year that Goebel has made them. She did for us what her Mom had been doing for her. Every year since there is always a small rectangular gift in with the other gifts from my Mom. I open it right away. Adam said this year, “how come you always open that and we don’t get to open anything else?”. My response was simply that my Mom did, so I am, too. Later my Mom told me we get to open our angel right away because that is the “angel rule”.


The only other thing that I “collect” is nurse/doctor dolls and figurines. I can’t actually remember when or why I started this but it has been fun. Some are very valuable, some are not, some hold special meanings to me. In the top picture there is a funny looking doctor-dude with glasses on the far left side of the photo. He has a white shirt on, stethoscope around his neck and is behind Garfield and Mickey. He is a thumb person (if you click on the picture to make it bigger you’ll see this guy’s arm is actually a giant thumb!) and is from my Pepe. While very ugly and odd, he is awesome! My Pepe used to say he liked the thumb people because “everybody is thumbody”.


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