I lied….

I mentioned in this post that I really only collect two things. Then I put Christmas ornaments away and realized that wasn’t true!!

Six years ago, Hallmark stated releasing an ornament each Christmas in honor of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (our family lurve’s this movie as I’ve mentioned before!). Somehow we missed it the first couple of years but since then this has been a staple purchase every July! Eddie’s RV ornament is by far the most valuable and was an impulse purchase several years ago off of Ebay. I love that we have the whole set!


Last year was the first year they started with the original National Lampoon’s Vacation series and it is hilarious as well. The moose is the same one that says they are sorry that the park is closed and Clark punches it in the face! And, we checked…the station wagon is VERY accurate, all the way down to Aunt Edna on the roof and the correct suitcases!



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