our miracle baby


I know, I know….you all are dying for our story!!! And, let me tell you….it is an awesome one! My little brother said (jokingly) he is trying to get in touch with Kirk Cameron and the Hallmark channel for our “movie”!

The truth is this, though….we are learning that we can’t get anything done!!! How do you people do this? Hahaha!!! Seriously, it took us almost two hours to get out of the house the other day! 😉

I will write…I promise; and soon, too! My Mom is flying in tomorrow night so hopefully this will allow me some time this weekend to put my thoughts together.

I’ll leave you with this. The arrival of our little girl was truly an amazing, amazing story! We live in a small community (pop 4,000) located on the interstate. A woman “happened” to pull off into our little community Wednesday night in labor….


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5 thoughts on “our miracle baby

  1. Oh my!!!!! This sounds very interesting indeed!! That baby is absolutely perfect and you are making great parents!

  2. Rob told me the story after he talked to Adam!! I cried and cried!!! We truly have an amazing God!! If someone doesn’t believe in Him then they sure should after they hear your story! Love yall!! It is not easy doing things with a newborn for sure, but it will get easier once yall have a routine! It’s sure all worth it as you know already! Welcome to parenthood Mom and Dad!!

  3. Can’t wait to hear the story. You both waited a long time for this day. I know the frustration in that from our own experience. Our God is AWESOME! His timing is perfect! Your little girl is truly blessed to have you both as parents!! Like others have said, it will get easier living with a newborn… you will figure out the tricks to getting around (packing diaper bags the night before going somewhere outside of the home helps speed that part up….you aren’t wondering if you forgot something you might need.) Enjoy your little girl!

  4. this is a true miracle in the making and with your blog detailing all the event and everything you two have been through would truly make a great movie.
    God bless and guide you both as you grow into the parents this child will know and love.
    your story is amazing and very heart warming
    all our love

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