Catching up….

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Part of the reason I have decided to blog again is for healing. To help with the grief process and to vent. Plus, I have found myself in recent months gravitating to other women’s blogs with similar struggles to ours and their stories have touched me deeply. They have given me hope at times when I needed it and reality at times when I also needed that! So, perhaps sharing our story may do the same for someone else. If even just one woman can relate and be touched by our story, than my writing will be a success. Just allowing me to open up and release the emotions that are trapped within me will be a success. Everything I share here has been essentially a daily part of our lives for almost three years. It has been trying, exhausting, emotional, scary, exciting, I can go on. My handsome Husband is my confidante and knows all. What would I do without him. I ask this of myself almost every day….and almost every day I also wish I could give him a child.

This is all I have in me tonight but plan on next writing about our babies and these past two years, eventually working up to our new dreams we are reaching for….

To our friends and family, we have received your numerous texts and voice mails (dozens upon dozens!). Thank you. I have listened to every single one and cried throughout your beautiful messages of support. This has been the toughest 10 days of our lives thus far and we are just now getting back on our feet, just now able to verbalize our feelings. We love you.

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3 thoughts on “Catching up….

  1. Adam and Shana. I pray for you often. Best of luck in your new endevores. Sending my LoVe and well wishes.

  2. There are no words to express the helplessness I have felt these past two weeks knowing the pain and anguish you both have endured. Prayers, thoughts and hugs from afar and tears. I pray for your strength in your faith knowing God has a greater plan for you two. Everyone sings praises of your selflessness toward family, friends and acquaintances that need a helping hand. You two are always the first ones to offer. You are surrounded by beautiful people who love you and would be willing and able to do anything you may need if you let them. You will gain strength from those you let in. The plan God has in store for you two beautiful souls is gonna be amazing or He would not have put you through this challenge. The best is still to come in whatever your next dream will be. As your mother I feel your pain because you are mine and I love you and Adam so much and can not bear knowing you are hurting in ways I can not solve or change the results. Call me whenever day or night I am always here for either of you. MTDLBY

  3. Shana ,
    As a man, I can say you have given your husband the best gift ever. You gave him YOU. All of YOU and he knows that.
    Now, these short term results may not be what we wished for, they are what they are and the fact that you gave yourself up for him and suffered so much for him, I know mean more to Adam than any words can ever say…..
    Love you both.


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