the most beautiful sound on earth

Typically after a loss, we tell our patients that they should wait until they have three normal cycles before trying to conceive again. Not this time. Our OB/GYN said get going. At this rate I would be well over 38 prior to delivering and tick, tock….

We were pregnant the next month. We started to think we were fertile myrtles! Lord knows we were having NO trouble getting pregnant.

Guess who we told? Yeah, her. She has been on this journey with me day in and day out so as I am one that definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve, she deserves that. Otherwise, no one knew. Once again I felt poorly from 4-6pm and had horrible heartburn, but otherwise felt great. We just knew this was it! This pregnancy was the one. 

For the first time, we read my favorite pregnancy book together every Sunday and really started dreaming. We talked about names and watched videos of what he/she looked like inside of me every week. I even subscribed to the same baby-site that Adam had used previously and we both got our routine emails talking about our gorgeous baby. I subscribed to a popular pregnancy magazine in the mail. When Adam would leave the house he would say “see you two later”, when he called to check on me, “how are you two doing?”. He talked to my belly, chanting “grow! grow! grow!”. We prayed together every night that God would bless our baby and help it to grow strong and to be healthy. We promised God that we would raise our child up in His ways, giving glory to Him alone. 

Because of the other two babies and my age they had us come in right away at 6 weeks to check for “viability”. Again, what the freak is that? I mean, come on. I put that in the same category as “products of conception”. Obviously, I understand but it is so cold feeling.


So nervous and excited!!

So nervous and excited!!

We were terrified for our appointment but oh, so excited. When we saw that beautiful “flicker”, there were absolutely no words. None. At. All. We cried and laughed.

Press play for a beautiful song:



Literal tears of joy.

Literal tears of joy.

We started dreaming of what the nursery would look like. Giraffes, definitely would be used! For some odd reason, I lurve me some giraffes! Maybe yellow and gray? Perhaps orange, teal and browns?

Adam, having such passion for photography, was bound and determined that we were going to document EVERYthing! Everyone has seen the pictures of fruit comparing how big your baby is each week. He came home from work one day with a grocery sack with peas, blueberries, lentils, raspberries, you name it and he made me stand holding these little fruits every week. Everyone has also seen how some women document their pregnancy on a chalkboard. This is something I wanted to do, too! Adam built me a chalkboard-that sucker is awesome, all five feet of it!!! It has yet to be used.

Adam continued to talk to my belly, counting down the days until he knew that it would hear him! He was so excited the week we knew it’s earlobes were developing!

We were in heaven on earth!


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