Rock and Roll….and the naughty restaurant

When I was young I loved Saturday nights. My parents would have a radio station of some sort playing that would play rock from the 60s and 70s. They would have contests where you had to call in the name of the song to win a prize. My Dad always knew the song. Always. He would tell me the name and I would run as fast as my little legs would take me to the kitchen (where our only phone was!) and I would quickly dial the station. I never got through but he was always right. I’ve mentioned before that we absolutely love Cirque Du Soleil-like lurrrve it! On our trip we went to see Love-for the third or fourth time! The Beatles always bring me back to those Saturday nights.

IMG_20141226_182018 IMG_20141226_183341

I like it more each time I see it and I see things every time that I didn’t see before! If you ever have the chance, you just have to see it! Confetti shoots out of the ceiling a few times and there are speakers in the seats so you are in the music. Here is the way the show opens- (it is awesomesauce!):

We also saw Rock of AgesĀ for the first time. It was great-brought us back to slow-dancing at junior high dances, making out at the softball field (sorry, Moms!), big hair, neon-ness, tight-rolled jeans and mullets.

When entering the theater they gave us these lighters-that were LED for us to wave during the concert! Perfect!



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2014_12_29_17_48_40 2014_12_29_17_49_46

We wished we had these costumes with us from an 80’s party we went to a couple of years ago!


We ate a restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort-awesome burger place. We thought it may be kind of like Ed Debevic’s in Chicago, where the servers are rude on purpose and entertain while you are eating. It was similar only in more of an adult-sort of way (duh, look at the name). They make hats for the diners with sayings on them. I was kind of a smarty-pants to our server and he got me back with my hat-we aren’t comfortable EVER.



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