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We were so ready. So ready to make this baby! It had been the perfect amount of time to heal from losing Noelle-9 months.

We both took our antibiotics and I started Letrozole for the first time. I felt great on it other than a bad migraine on the last two days but heck, that is nothing! I was on the Folgard also in addition to my regular prenatal vitamin and DHA that I have taken with all of my pregnancies (we want our baby to be smart, ya know!). For the first time we used the ovulation predictor kits that you can buy over-the-counter. It was so silly. You are supposedly getting ready to ovulate when the line is at its darkest. What does that even mean? For pete’s sake….every morning we are both staring at this stick to see if that day’s line was darker than the previous day or not. Crazy. The specialist had me go in when we thought we were ovulating for an ultrasound with our OB to look at our follicles-I had three big ones (meaning we should be likely to conceive!). When I was leaving the OB said, “I think you are setting up for twins” and smiled at me. I received an HCG trigger shot (which as a side-note had to order out of Omaha as regular OB clinics are having a difficult time getting it now that so many people are using it for weight-loss. The price of it has gone up exponentially!). The trigger shot was supposedly supposed to tell my body to ovulate and they told us to go home and make a baby! Who knows what happened to those gorgeous follicles because we didn’t get pregnant and were so bummed.

I had all of the blood work repeated and Adam (God love him!) was re-tested and you guessed it! All normal. We took antibiotics again and I started the Letrozole again and had a migraine on the last two days again. Feeling like you are watching that obnoxious movie Groundhog Day yet?!

They told us to do the ovulation testing at home again and to call them when it said I was ovulating. We were smart this time! We got the darn test that smiles at you when you are ovulating-it cost more, yeah but was worth it. We got our smile on a Saturday morning and called their office and was told to be there the next morning at 8 for our IUI! We were on the road by noon, off to Denver again. And with this said, let me just say that not only have we been financially and emotionally emptied but our infertility has completely wreaked havoc on our jobs, especially mine. Imagine patients with appointments having to be called-literally last minute- and what could my poor staff say? “er, Shana is ovulating so needs to reschedule your appointment….”. We are both so very thankful that our employers have been as kind and patient with us as they have been, even when we have far surpassed our vacation time, etc.

When we arrived the morning of our IUI, there were all sorts of couples in the waiting room….on a Sunday. This just goes to show how fertility treatments are not a Monday-Friday thing. As with us, these other people probably had to just drop their lives to be there within a certain amount of time, considering you only have a short-precious window of time each month to conceive. The nurse took us to a private room to…ahem (to our Mother’s you can close your eyes now!) produce a sample from Adam. I kid you not. We were quite weirded out. This was an entirely different experience for us. There was a black leather couch and a TV with all sorts of videos. We were afraid to touch ANYTHING!! And, couldn’t stop laughing of course! What an experience! We were happy about how official it was, though. They did an official chain of custody with our sample just like we do for drug tests in our office, meaning it was highly unlikely they would insert some other gentleman’s swimmers into me!

When it was time for the IUI the nurse took us to an exam room and commented to Adam “your sample is the best I’ve ever seen!” (yada yada, he later told me that all he wanted to say in return to her was, “I bet you say that to all the guys”). HA!

As far as procedures go, this was the easiest I had been through. Nothin’ to it! I cramped off and on for about 48 hours after but otherwise easy peasy! As we left their office we took this picture and made the mistake of posting it to facebook. Everyone (I mean EVERY.ONE.) thought we were announcing a pregnancy. We wished! We felt so bad that we took the picture down within an hour.


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