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One thing we decided right away after losing Noelle was that we should plan a trip to give ourselves something to look forward to. Something to aimlessly “google” while planning. I most definitely recommend this to anyone in a similar situation. We spent hours in bed on our laptops trying to decide where we should go, what we should do. We’d never been to Mexico and chose an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. It would be perfect. We chose to be placed in the adults-only area of the resort in an ocean-view room and scheduled spa appointments! The first week of April couldn’t come soon enough!

First let me say that in April Mexico is not all it is cracked up to be-ha! People had told us it was like Hawaii, only cheaper ( It was not at all like Hawaii. I mean it is near a body of water but that is the only thing similar. It was hot and humid just like at home in Nebraska in August! We quickly learned that the place to be was literally on the beach and then….then, it was awesome!

The arrival at our resort left a lot to be desired. To say we were disappointed does not even get close to what happened. Initially we were dropped off at this beautiful area where they greeted us with fancy drinks. It was quiet and dark with a lovely smell of some sort and beautiful music was in the background.

Stop. This is as far as the beauty went. =)

We were (very) quickly informed that due to an over-booking problem they did not have a room for us and that instead, we needed to go to the “family” side where there was a room waiting for us. I kid you not (ha, no pun intended). When we walked in to our “new” resort there were those little cars that your child can ride in while you push behind them. They all lined up just waiting for people to use. The food area where snacks/beverages were included juice, milk and fruits and veggies all cut into finger-food/bite-sized for kids. There was a “candy” section.



The mini-bar in our room was not stocked in your typical way. It was full of chocolate milk and bug juice. We went out our balcony and the only thing in view (certainly NO ocean) was a huge kiddie pool with inflatables, slides, etc. They delivered milk and cookies to our room at bedtime. There were potty pads on the beds under the sheets. Are you laughing yet? It is kind of funny…… The problem was that we had spent over three months using this trip as our focus to “get through” each day. And it was not AT. ALL. what we had imagined it would be.

The next morning Adam left me in the room and went to the adult’s only side to speak with their manager, trying to explain that being in an “all-child” zone 24 hours per day was not in our best interest-they offered him a drink! Of course, there was simply nothing they could do. I could not (could. not.) stay there for $500 per night. There was simply no way. I was ready to fly home right then. In comes my little brother, aka boy. Being a world-traveler (literally) he had some connections and within two hours we were in a taxi on our way to the Riviera Maya. When we pulled up to this, we knew all was right with the world….

Entrance Day

The picture says it all. Boy was our hero and there was a happy ending!



L041014LD1 Photo-54 L041014LD1 Photo-53

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