This weekend has been tough. Our lives changed forever 19 days ago. We are sad, angry and most of all scared. We finally got our tree decorated. We were the only house on the block without some sort of outside decorations/lights so we contributed there as well. It doesn’t feel like Christmas. It doesn’t feel right. I suppose it is because it isn’t right.




Christmas is a special time for us usually, mostly because of the way I grew up. It was always the best time in my family. Every ornament on our tree represents something. We have no plain balls, etc. Each one was a gift or is from a trip, etc. Our babies each have their own ornament, too. We love all four of you and cannot wait to celebrate Christmas with you one day.


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3 thoughts on “pretending

  1. Shanna
    I’ve been reading your posts and had no idea of your situation. My heart bleeds for you because I know how it feels to lose someone I don’t know if you knew that I lost my middle child a year ago. I don’t remember if I told you that when I met you this past summer. So know that you are in my prayers. It’s hard to face and it never goes away. God bless you and your husband

    Love, Linda

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Linda. I think I knew about your child…not sure how but it is familiar to me. Have a blessed Christmas. xo

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