Another Bag of Crap

Yeppers, he did it again. Adam bought another bag of crap from You may remember my description in the previous post about his first bag of crap and how exciting (apparently) and difficult it is for one to actually obtain a bag of crap. Having experienced the bag of crap already once this year, I wasn’t nearly as excited this time. The anticipation did nada for me as I knew that it really was going to be a bag. of. crap. A bag of crap for 8 bucks, that is.


This bag of crap, people… was quite superior to the previous one Adam won (purchased). Yes, it is all still crap and I have no idea what to do with it but Adam wants me to be sure to tell you all that if you want any (ANY) of these items be sure to let us know but do it fast as he believes things will go quickly! Ha! He just requests that you cover the cost of shipping. Heh heh. Sure, we are most definitely willing to share our crap with you.

With no further ado, the loot:

Here we have one reusable tote from Belvedere Stationers. Got crabs? Adam does now and is thrilled to add this to his shopping totes in his car!

These are going in my Lamaze totes....I always have stress balls, play-doh, etc on the table during my classes to give people something to do with their hands if they want. Looking forward to some wibbly, squishy Lamaze fun...

Now this here appears to be some fancy stuff. Too bad we are trying to avoid these types of chemicals or we'd be sure to make quick use of this mighty fine kit. Surprisingly this retails for $25.99 on Not sure what is so $25.99 special about it.

And, here we have a lovely Disney 3-D blankie, complete with two pairs of 3-D glasses. Another surprise....there is one similar to this on for $22.99. Wow, Adam's bag of crap has some value (not sure how much of an asset it actually is though).

And, last but DEFINITELY not least. Everyone ( I mean EVERYONE) needs ones of these bad boys and you can get your very own, folks, at for $8.99:

In my opinion, this is perhaps the best item obtained from this particular bag of crap. What more in life is there if you have yourself a footflush?

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