cousins, asparagus and first experiences

I’ve mentioned before the hope of someday my brother and I having children that could grow up together as only cousins can. When we grew up our cousins all were far away and I wish for Lainey to be able to be closer to cousins her age. Right now she has a bucket full of cousins close by loving on her which we absolutely love! My brother, his wife and cousin Colt surprised us when Lainey was born and we are thrilled that Colt and Lainey met right away!

Adam Phone 061


IMG_7433 IMG_7469


We love Mr. Colt and hope to see him this summer!

This next photo is from the first week Lainey was home. Adam called her Archie at night. He swore that she looked “just like” Archibald on Veggie Tales. Yes, he is a grown man that knows about Archibald the asparagus on Veggie Tales….not much to be said about that.



First visit to a big box store…of course the ever famous Tar-jay!


So, I (kind of) teased my Husband about being excited about using the family restroom in a previous post. Well, I (kind of) got excited to take Lainey through her first car wash. I love getting my car washed. There’s always this brief nanosecond of time where those big brushes could suck you up and then, voila you emerge all fresh and clean! It’s so awesome!



Finally, another nursery sneak peak….


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  1. Ha! Well, there actually isn’t much in there other than pretties….as all of her furniture doesn’t arrive until the end of April. Boo! =(

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