Have I mentioned that I love love love blizzards?!

I do…love blizzards! We had another…that makes two this winter already. Yay for blizzards! Anyway, our clinic was open on Christmas Eve so our plan was to leave in the afternoon to head to Kearney to my sister’s and then come back on Saturday after Christmas. Thankfully the didn’t close the interstate before we got onto it! The bad weather started and we got out mid-afternoon Christmas Eve. The number of semis that were flipped on the interstate was amazing.

On our way to Kearney:


What I like in particular about this picture is the tree on the right that is bending in the wind as that IS Nebraska. It is always freaking windy here for pete’s sake.

We were going to come home earlier but I-80 was actually closed down for about a 35 mile stretch as was one of the back highways you need to take to get to Tecumseh where we live so we stayed an extra day and headed home today instead. There were still quite a few accidents on the interstate and some areas were still pure ice. There was one area on the westbound side of I-80 that was backed up for 3 1/2 miles from an accident…we’re very thankful to be home.


back highway to Tecumseh, one lane

almost home...you can see the top of the green Tecumseh sign!

almost home...you can see the top of the green Tecumseh sign!

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