Instinct is so awesome

Some of you may be totally grossed out by this video but I absolutely LOVE it. Uber awesome birth guru Ina May Gaskin loves this video and talks about it and this is how I came to know about it. Excuse the fact that Mrs. Elephant’s hoo-haw is very large (she is having a baby elephant after all!) and excuse the fact that there is a lot of fluid. Although I do wish they maybe didn’t replay that “splashing” part over and over again quite so many times.

But. What is so very cool is when Mama elephant’s instincts kick in for baby. No pun intended. That is all she has, anyways….hooves. So what else can we expect for Mama to do to stimulate her little babe? I just love love love how she works at getting the lil’ one to take its first breath, though. Just watch….

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