Preservatives vs. No Preservatives: WEEK 1

In reference to this post, here is an update for week one. First off we quickly realized that researchers we are NOT. After the first 24 hours the two pieces of bread were simply hard as rocks so we decided they needed to bagged; therefore we placed two new pieces of bread in bags. The same bread was used, etc only this time contained within a moist environment of its own of sorts.

We have long since tossed the ol’ Sara Lee (remember she expired on January 30, 2011). The Bran for Life bread (that suspiciously is lacking an expiration date???) is being stored in the fridge as it says it should be and Adam has been having his daily PB&J with it.

After one week, this is what we have folks:

There is one itsy mold spore on the bread that is preservative-free which does not surprise us at all. The other piece looks as fresh as it did when we put it in the baggie, albeit 15 days past the expiration date.

2 thoughts on “Preservatives vs. No Preservatives: WEEK 1

  1. iiiiiiinteresting. So, what’s up with the preservative-free bread having no expiration date?! That is really weird. I wonder if you called the company and told them the Lot # (or whatever) if they’d know.

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