purty small as far as airports go…

We were lucky enough to get a flight out of Grand Island when we went to Vegas, making our drive only an hour and a half each way. That is soooo the worst part about flying anywhere I think. The drive to the airport….if it is a long one anyways. Neither of us has flown out of Grand Island before but we knew it is a small airport with only a couple of flights per day. We were excited to find that they paved the parking lot when we got there!

Check out what we saw when we pulled up. This is serious stuff, people. My palms started sweating. I was picturing ourselves helping the pilot spin the propellers to start the plane when I saw this…

…and, here is the tower (not very tall):

But this….this by far takes the cake. Wins the grand prize of all dinky dink airports. How to tell if your carry-on is too big:

It was surprisingly a jet and obviously we arrived both there and back safe and sound but we both will swear that the landing on the way back was by far the hardest landing yet. Maybe it was the pilot’s first flight? Adam let out an audible grunt when we hit ground along with a bunch of other men too. Rather than saying the usual welcome to Grand Island yada yada thing, the stewardess simply said, “ladies and gentleman…..we are on the ground”.

No duh.

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