Rockin’ the 80s


Saturday night there was an 80s party to celebrate one of my partner’s wife’s 40th. It was awesome! There was a DJ and the only music played ALL night was from the 80s. Some of the outfits were outrageous. Guys tight-rolled their jeans, girls’ hair was BIG, heavy make-up was IN, leg warmers, neon colors-you name it!

Adam wore a “members only” jacket (courtesy of ebay), a Save Ferris t-shirt and some old jeans that we bleached the heck out of.

I wore a neon pink tank top under a GORGEOUS blue sweater and a knee-length jean skirt that I cut a few holes in and shredded the bottom a little, then bleached (all courtesy of Goodwill). Plus, some bling….pink gloves, ugly necklaces, earrings, jelly bracelets (all courtesy of Claire’s-the 80s is apparently coming back for young kids!). Oh! And, some awful ugly make-up courtesy of the Dollar Store.

One of my nurses and I (Renee)

While I do recall “ratting” my bangs a bit and wearing the occasional neon, I do not remember ever getting into this much make-up. Nor, did I crimp my hair. BUT-I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS had a perm, baby! For Saturday, though I crimped it (courtesy of a crimper Adam found at goodwill for $1.95-and it was an additional 50% off!).

Gina-my boss' wife....came "pregnant and with her 80s glasses"!

These next two were a great pair….ALL night!

One of my partners, Kate & her Husband Matt. Surprisingly there were quite a few men in fairly short, fitted shorts. These men, I'd say, must be pretty secure with themselves!!

Rap-star, MC Hammer wanna-be....aka Tim, our awesome dentist (for real)


3 thoughts on “Rockin’ the 80s

  1. Hey Shana. Still thinking of you guys and your gramps and all your family. I hope you guys are having some good family time.


  2. Yeah, I came here to say I’ve been missing your online presence and hope all is well.

    Much love.

    By the way, I can’t believe how convincing you all were in the 80’s stuff. CRA-ZY!

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