The least crappy bag of crap EVER!

ANOTHER bag of crap! But, this one is different, folks….it was a GIFT from our wonderful friends Jason and Missy. We received a heavy priority mail box in the mail last week and to our surprise it was a box full of goodies….for BOTH OF US! As Missy wrote, “This package is a custom made box of crap and other important things…”. She went on to write, “I’m sure you will be able to distinguish the “crap” from “the important things” as well as you will most likely be able to determine who sent the crap and who sent the important things”. Ha ha. I hope to be able to elude to more of what is happening in our life in a near-future post but Jason and Missy are a couple of the select few in our lives that know what is truly going on. As things have been tough recently, they decided to send us a box of crap!

First there was a beautiful card and letter….addressed to the “love birds” (that’s us, I guess!).

Next was a stack of magazines/journals from several different sources such as Joyce Meyer and the Word of Faith. While outdated, the material in these journals DOES NOT EXPIRE. Ever. God’s word is forever.

Then there is a beautiful book titled Jesus Calling. I LOVE this book already. It is a devotional type book with a VERY BRIEF reading for each calendar day. I like the VERY BRIEF part because it also gives me the time then to read the 2-3 recommended scriptures with it. Each night since we have received this Adam has read from the book and then I read the scriptures before we pray. My favorite so far was from 10/17 where it started out with “Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Me”.

We next have a $25 gift card to Scheel’s Sporting Goods. We LOVE Scheel’s! For those of you that don’t know, Scheel’s is like Sportsman & Ski Haus in Whitefish-only on steroids; ie: 10 times bigger!

There is also another book. One that Missy has personally used for years that she is now gifting to me for my benefit, titled Prayers that Avail Much.

Then we get to some of the “fun & interesting” treasures in the box. My guess is that these are special items directly from Jason and Jason, each item has touched our heart. Seriously. While we may not understand them, they are beautiful in their own way and fill us with happiness. Ha! We’ve got a broken ol’ toy helicopter thingy, a bottle-opener from the Texas State Aquarium and a lovely gold leaf in a baggie with multiple pieces that I believe were once attached to it. I like to imagine it was a real leaf….from someone’s yard that they covered in REAL gold and we are just lucky enough to have it!

Here is a photo of our prized gifts:

Now, all I want to say is thank you, thank you, thank you Jason and Missy. Your bag of crap blessed us at a much needed time. It lifted our spirits which were down, made us laugh when there has not been much laughter and made us cry good tears, not the bad ones. It made us feel “not so alone” at a time when we were and the reading materials have continued to do so each and EVERY day. Thank you. We love you both and miss you dearly.

3 thoughts on “The least crappy bag of crap EVER!

  1. Shana, I am so sad that things aren’t going great. I have been thinking about you guys a lot and praying for you. If there is anything we can do to help, Lori and I would be the FIRST people to do whatever you need. You have been the biggest support to both of us over the years, and we love you, and you deserve as much (or way more) support returned back to you than you have given to so many for so long. If there is anything we can do, email! Call! Whatever! We want to help and love on you if we can… in ANY way.


  2. I second what Rachel said.

    I also say: holy crap. That is such a fun idea for something to mail to friends. We usually think of care packages as having new stuff in ’em, and maybe that’s why we don’t get around to sending them too often. Kinda pricey! But if it’s more a matter of gathering relevant things that you already own and passing them along to pals, cool! Kind of like a garage sale, but without any money exchanged. And also, you’re picking what friends get what. 🙂

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