We’re Here!

Whelp, we made it! And our supplies for the next month are unpacked and we are fairly settled in, dogs and all! Adam even has his temporary “home office” set up, two computers and all. With a trip for groceries in the morning planned and then to my new clinic to move my stuff into my office we should be ready for Monday!


The place is a beaut. A quaint gorgeous bungalow type home that she has decorated with antiques. There is a bedroom on the main level that Adam is using as his office and the loft upstairs is where we are using for our bedroom. It is a really sweet place, though with little things scattered here or there that catch you off guard. For example I switched on a light switch and some lights turned on above some windows that you wouldn’t expect, ditto later on only under the stairs going down from the loft! Kudos to our realtor for taking care of us this month as far as putting a roof over our head all for the cost of only the electric bill and mowing the lawn~we are blessed! Here is what we saw when we walked in:

One thought on “We’re Here!

  1. It looks cute and cozy. Now just relax and go forward in this new adventure and above all ENJOY all the new happenings, people and places to be discovered.Leave all the stresses of Tecumseh behind……..
    Blessings to you both

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