20 Years of Romance

Saturday was the 20th anniversary of my Love and my first date. We were children-a mere 15 years old. I wish I could remember all of the little details; was I nervous, how did I dress etc. There are a couple of solid memories for both of us though. First, during the movie Adam kissed the back of my RIGHT hand. I boldly state RIGHT as it has been a 20 year argument that he believes it was my left hand. His rationale? That he knew someday we would be married so OF COURSE it was my left hand.

Next, of course due to our youngness we had to get rides from our parents to our date. It was grand meeting at the Mountain Mall Cinema!

Finally the movie was pure romance at its best. We actually celebrated this past weekend by going to Lincoln, staying in a nice hotel and doing a little shopping and eating and then returned home to watch THE movie. The one that started it all foks.

Wayne’s. World. Two words. Boy howdy, Adam had me at the point in the movie when Wayne states “sh’yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!”. Romance. I guess as a teenage girl my level of sophistication didn’t go very high. But the date was fabulous as it was care-free and throughout our courtship Adam continued to provide these types of experiences-providing times of peace and happiness in my adolescence when it was most needed.

I love how I still giggled at this movie on Saturday. So very silly. Just like Dumb and Dumber…which we saw after Adam proposed! Again~ROMANCE, baby!

 I love you Adam Kent, always and forever. SHMILY

4 thoughts on “20 Years of Romance

  1. YAY! I love your new blog format and I am so glad that you posted a blog!

    I have been thinking about you so much lately.

    Congrats on 20 years. That sounds like an eternity!


  2. I’m happy to see that you blogged too, Shana Roo. Congrats on 20 years together. I still remember that time. I was a little skeptical about Adam. I mean, he just showed up on the scene, right? Like, out of no where. But I’m so glad that he did, because you two are a seriously rad couple.


  3. Also, Jason and I have a couple little disagreements like that, where one of us MUST be right and one MUST be wrong, because we’re saying opposite things. I am really hoping for an instant replay camera in heaven so that Jason can clearly see how he was the one with the flawed memories.

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