Adam Kent

Back in early January I was working on posts about who we are…I figure why not finish them! So, without further ado….some details about my darling Husband:

  • He loves to take baths. Like REALLY loves. He will lie down in the shower in the morning, fall asleep and then when the hot water runs out he wakes up for the day.
  • His favorite color is blue…which happens to be the color of Lainey’s eyes. Gush!
  • He is a hobby photographer. It is somewhat frustrating on my part, though searching through 800 photos from a single event for one picture….but he does seem to always get that “one” picture.
  • He is a gamer. I will say, though, that the last time he probably played was in 2014….
  • He cut his own hair until Lainey was born. I guess he got too tired then.
  • He has said for a long as I can remember that if I die he is going to take Kalia (she is one of our dogs) and move to Hawaii and live on a beach somewhere….I haven’t heard yet since Lainey was born what the plans are now!
  • He is an amaxaphobe. He absolutely cannot ride in the back seat of a two-door car. EVER.
  • He is a jack-of-all trades. Need something built or fixed? He’s your man.
  • He has horrible skin allergies. We have a “safe” list of things he can use from the dermatologist that we pick from when we shop.
  • He is dyslexic.
  • He loves Macgyver and Back to the Future.
  • He knows how to sew. Like, really sew. In fact, HE brought a sewing machine to the marriage!
  • When he drives at night, he has the interior lights on in the car to make himself feel like it is during the day…plus he says he like to eat while driving in the car and he likes to see what he eats! Makes sense.

Last and certainly not least, Adam is a Daddy. And, as he said the other day…he isn’t just a Daddy, he is Lainey’s Daddy!


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