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This will be short and sweet. There is a book I am reading that discusses how at this age, babies naps during the day become much shorter, more like “cat naps”….however, a blog I read called them “crap naps” instead of “cat naps”. I’d have to agree. A five-minute nap doesn’t count, Lainey. Are you listening?

Anyways, she wants to know if these shoes (that cousin Katia gave her) make her feet look big?


....and a better view of her Vans while getting some love from cousin Madison!

….and a better view of her Vans!

And, two more things. First, we ask you to pray with us for one of Lainey’s milk buddy’s. She was diagnosed with two holes in her heart yesterday. Please join us as we pray for peace for her family and for complete healing.

Finally, a praise! We did our final home study visit today and all was great! Our social worker said she has no concerns. All we have left will be the court date in four months to finalize things and get Lainey’s birth certificate!


One thought on “prayer & praise

  1. So happy for all three of you it was meant to be!!! As he intended!!!

    Love You All,

    Aunt Liz

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