Adam’s 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift to me…

The bestest gift ever. And he said he discovered that video tape only has a shelf-life of 10 years so it is a good thing he did this! He transferred our wedding video (from a Hi8 8mm camcorder) over onto DVD and then took just parts of it and made me this:

I know it is 7 minutes….but you never know….you just might catch a glimpse of yourself on this video!

3 thoughts on “Adam’s 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift to me…

  1. I have 2 more tapes to transfer so i will try and get them done this weekend or next week. Then i will ship it off to you.

  2. Favorite moment was at 2:25. Classic Shana expression, at least at that time. Wow – this was beautiful to watch. I had a smile the whole time. Except at the end – who was that nutcase making faces during such a serious event?

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