Relay, 2011

Adam and I joined a team called Care ‘n for the Cure for Relay for Life this year. A great team. A large team. We all wore tie-dyed shirts to try to represent all of the awareness colors for the different types of cancer. We had the photo booth there all night, charging for photos as an additional fundraiser~the first time ever we had the photo booth at an outdoor event! Adam was worried about bugs but things went really, really well. We used a white tent that we have and put a citronella candle inside the booth where the actual computer “guts” are which helped I think.

People had a ton of fun. Our little county raised almost $100k-not bad!


A photo of my Nana at the Luminary ceremony slideshow...

A special thanks to Cozad Community Hospital for covering the expenses related to the photo booth so that everything was profit!

I leave you with this….at the luminary ceremony I could hear a little boy sobbing quietly but didn’t know where he was. A bit later a man walked by carrying him and he actually looked like he was sleeping at that point in the man’s big arms. After the ceremony I saw the same boy at the photo booth and I said “Hey! I think I just saw you not too long ago napping! You’re awake already!!!???”. He responded, “No, I was missing my Grandma.”. I told him that was okay, I was missing mine also. He asked me if I cried, too and I said I had and he asked me what her name was. I said….”her name was Nana”.

Cute kid, that one was. 😉

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  1. This was super cute and funny… and then really touching and beautiful. Your little town sounds really cool. I’m glad you guys are there and seem to be getting right into life there. 🙂


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