I’ve been thinking about the things that make Adam and I us. What has made our marriage be as strong and awesome as it is after over 18 years? What makes “us” tick.

Things you may or may not know about us:

  • We both know every (I mean EVERY) line to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and we often use it casually in our everyday discussions. “I don’t knoooow, Margo” or “bend over and I’ll show ya” are both classics.
  • We own a sign-repair company (the kind of digital signs you see at gas stations, malls, schools etc). We were blessed with a tremendous opportunity almost two years ago and purchased EDS/SignCo-a company Adam had worked for off and on for many years. This is (for the most part) Adam’s baby but I have learned more and more the past year and now help with much of the billing, paper-work, ordering, etc.
  • We sleep in our own beds. Ha! I am a horrible sleeper and there are nights that Adam is very busy in his sleep (not too long ago he dreamed he was running on ice…literally). Did you know that two twin XL mattresses=king? Well, they do.
  • Adam proposed to me in 1994 at Dumb and Dumber. Well, not literally. He took me to a nice dinner and proposed at the restaurant and after we went to the movie. The lines from this movie are also commonly used in our home day-to-day. And, yes we did see the sequel a couple of months ago and boy was it disappointing!
  • Our first date was on March 10, 1992.
  • SHMILY: For one of our first anniversaries we received the book Night Light: A Devotional for Couples by James Dobson as a gift and SHMILY (See How Much I Love You) was mentioned. We embraced it and it has been “our thing” ever since. From emails, love-letters or chicken-scratched notes, almost everything we have ever given one another says SHMILY. (Last year I found an artist on Etsy that made me the SHMILY art you can see in the upper right corner on this wall in our happy room).IMG_5447
  • We are healthy wanna-be’s. We eat only organic, free-range, hormone free meat, milk and eggs and try to purchase all of our other food organically also. We don’t buy canned goods with BPA in the lining and do not drink out of plastic containers, nor have anything plastic in our kitchen actually. On the flip-side, we are both overweight and love to eat out! Go figure.
  • We are huge animal lovers. We would do anything for our fur babies and we have. We’ve done CPR on a cat on the way to the Hospital (and did revive him for a brief time) and tried to save our first love, Hastings (a border collie that we got when we first were married). Hastings had a pulmonary embolus and we sped the 60 miles to the nearest Animal ER/Hospital before we lost her. We watched while they did CPR and did labs, EKGs, etc on her but were unable to save her. We both remember seeing her eyes right before they closed for the last time. Years ago we paid for our kitty Corona (Miss Corona Barona!) to have a root canal (I’m serious). She was our 20-year old that we had to put down last spring for cancer in her airway. Boy, we loved that old gal. We once had a beautiful orange cat that had renal failure from getting into some lillies that we literally gave IV fluids to for days at home trying to save his little kidneys. Mr. Pepper, our 18 year-old siamese had an over-active thyroid about ten years ago and we sent him to K-State for radioactive treatment. Again, I am serious. Ha! He had to stay there for several weeks under quarantine before we were allowed to go pick him up. We have cared for this same old guy since May when he suffered a stroke. He is blind and deaf and loving life now but it has and still is hard-work for us to care for him. We love him so. Two of our cats are buried on my Father’s property in Montana (both with their own headstones!) and our beautiful Hastings and other cats are buried on Adam’s parent’s property in Mississippi-all in oak boxes lined with velvet that Adam made for them. Yes, we are well-experienced at shipping our animals on dry-ice. Weird, we know. I work with a woman who often says that when she dies she wants to come back as one of  our pets. Not a bad idea at all.

Check back tomorrow for more!

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I know I am grown up when…

I discover I am Vitamin D deficient-thought that only happened when we got older (ahem, guess I am older)

I am sleeping in a different bed then my Husband. We currently have our guest bedroom queen mattress on the floor next to our King bed and depending on how my back is doing determines which bed I am on. I look forward to my next physical therapy session. AND, no I have no idea what happened to the darn back. It just IS.

I get my first mammogram. I was giddy with excitement (sort of) afterwards. I actually asked the tech if there was a sticker I could proudly wear that said “I got a mammogram”. I figure if the Red Cross has stickers for blood donors and if we get stickers that say “I voted” when we vote, why shouldn’t I get a sticker for getting my breasteses squeezed. As a fabulous side note, said mammogram was abnormal and more tests are pending. Fun.

Because I couldn't get a darn sticker I almost wanted to wear my bracelet all afternoon...I didn't but thought about it long and hard before I cut that bad boy off

I know my Husband is grown up when I come home from work and he says “I have a rash” only to discover that he actually has shingles. Stay. Away. From. Me. I have enough other odd medical things going on in my body right now, an order of shingles is not on my agenda. Not sure where I’ll be putting the Husband but I called in Valtrex in three minutes flat and sent him out the door to go get it.

…and here I thought that you didn’t start “feeling” older until you turned 50. At least that has always been my overall “consensus” from patients. Is 35 the new 50? Ha!

Relay, 2011

Adam and I joined a team called Care ‘n for the Cure for Relay for Life this year. A great team. A large team. We all wore tie-dyed shirts to try to represent all of the awareness colors for the different types of cancer. We had the photo booth there all night, charging for photos as an additional fundraiser~the first time ever we had the photo booth at an outdoor event! Adam was worried about bugs but things went really, really well. We used a white tent that we have and put a citronella candle inside the booth where the actual computer “guts” are which helped I think.

People had a ton of fun. Our little county raised almost $100k-not bad!


A photo of my Nana at the Luminary ceremony slideshow...

A special thanks to Cozad Community Hospital for covering the expenses related to the photo booth so that everything was profit!

I leave you with this….at the luminary ceremony I could hear a little boy sobbing quietly but didn’t know where he was. A bit later a man walked by carrying him and he actually looked like he was sleeping at that point in the man’s big arms. After the ceremony I saw the same boy at the photo booth and I said “Hey! I think I just saw you not too long ago napping! You’re awake already!!!???”. He responded, “No, I was missing my Grandma.”. I told him that was okay, I was missing mine also. He asked me if I cried, too and I said I had and he asked me what her name was. I said….”her name was Nana”.

Cute kid, that one was. 😉

Boot Camp

Adam and I decided to sign up for boot camp this summer at the local gym. Holy schmoley, let me say we did NOT belong there but we kept going back and I don’t know why. Well, I do….because we paid. ha ha

I got lapped running bleachers one day. Lapped. She had us doing things that I’ve never heard of but I think are probably common everyday moves for most people. Adam and I have been hibernating for too long I guess. Mountain climbers, skaters, jump squats, jump lunges, jump (well if you can do it while jumping you just should, okay), pulling one another (literally),  burpees (well I call them  mudruckers….not sure why but that is the only way I remember them), oh and the plank. By golly…..that is THE THING TO DO! Don’t you dare forget the plank. And, I will say at first there was no planking happening in this body but now there is…..for almost two minutes straight. Phew. Each class ended with 100 sit-ups of different types. She alternates in increments of 10-20 of each type and by the time I hit 100, well, nevermind.

Sadly, after each 45 minute session I was so full of nausea and gross fatigue that all I could do was go home and barely make it into bed and that is it. For the entire first week I had to log-roll to get out of bed!

All I can say is she is absolutely amazing. In incredible shape. AND, I love the quote she put on the back of our shirts because it is perfect:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”