nothin’ better than the smell of home baked bread

A friend of mine came across this recipe and loved it and encouraged me to try it. Adam picked up the ingredients for me and we made it last weekend and loved it. It is a wheat bread, somewhat heavy (which I love) and fat free. Best of all….VERRRY easy. Literally, no kneading necessary. It has been a great snack when I have been craving a carb as it is a whole wheat grain and is filling. Apparently they have a book with all sorts of other things you can do but I’m just impressed Adam and I baked bread for pete’s sake and am not so sure I want to push our luck!!! It literally takes less than 5 minutes to mix up. NO kidding.



Enter my sister’s kitchen on Christmas morn to get yourself a nice warm cinnamon roll and find this…

The funny thing is that no one fesses up. She has six kids, you see so someone did it. Things like this happen all the time at their house. Hilarious! Kind of like who used up the last of the toilet paper and didn’t change the roll, etc.

My sister and her husband say that someday when the kids are all grown they are going to go visit all of them and empty all of their toilet paper rolls (and leave them empty of course) and hide all of their tv remotes (I guess that is an issue too).

A good pair we make

Adam and I that is. Bakers, home-remodelers, photographers…On Thanksgiving I took family photos of my sister, her husband and six kids. It was crazy. Calissa Jo is three so she lasted all of about four shots and had enough of that as far as the cute smiling went. Imagine trying to get eight people to all look at me at once smiling. And, then hopefully all of their eyes are open, their hair isn’t blowing in their faces (since six of the eight are girls). All of the photos were outside and as it was Thanksgiving everything was dead but we still went to this gorgeous park with the idea in mind that I’d take the photos home and Adam and I would work on them to make them look “better”.

Although we don’t have six kids (we are “dinks” as my sister says~double income with no kids~) we are still very busy people so it has taken us FOREVER to get this first main one done. We have about six more that are what I’d call Christmas card worthy but this is my favorite I think so we finished it first. The before and after….tada: (click to enlarge)



*things to note that were changed: Madison (blonde standing on the left needed her head changed as her eyes were closed, grass was made green, bushes obviously removed, Calissa Jo (toddler) jeans pulled down to cover ankles, twig in front of Madison’s leg removed, Buildings behind them removed, stool to the right of them removed, everyone’s face was lightened, most of the stones were touched up…

Domestic I Am Not


I am not domestic. Used to be. Not anymore. What happened to me? Not sure. My mom says it is this house. It ruined that part of me. I used to keep things so clean my sister said you could eat off of our floors. I used to cook. I used to love to paint and do all sorts of crafts. There is no huge secret (well at least not now I guess) that I have battled serious depression and such and things have been worse over the years…a waxing and waning of sorts. I’ve (we’ve) been trying to get myself back. Things kind of peaked again the beginning of October. I crashed a little and have been trying to bounce back…therefore my rubber duckies!!! Did you know flour expires? Yep, it does. Found that out yesterday…ours did two years ago. Eggs do too. Ours did in September.

I decided to bake Christmas cookies this year. Adam has been helping very graciously and we’ve been at it for two days straight and having tons of fun. Seriously!

I knew there was a reason I do not like sushi!

Wow! So, I am listening to the news this morning and they start talking about worms. Not your average worms, though. We’re talking about 9 foot long tape worms that live in your belly! Ick! Apparently there have been more cases than in past history of people getting worms. This particular case was some guy who passed the 9 foot long worm in his poo and I suppose got “a little” concerned and therefore took his worm with him and went to the emergency room in Chicago. These worms do not go to just your gut…they can go to your brain too.

What are they attributing this to, one might ask? Sushi. Yep, you got it. Raw fish is known to carry more parasites so there you have it. I guess salmon is also kind of high up on the list of culprits also.

Now, I am one that will try pretty much anything. I HAVE had sushi. My mother, brother and I had it in this cute little place in NYC a few years back and it wasn’t too bad but I think I’m ruined now.


This reminds me of a patient we had in our clinic 18 months ago or so. He was an immigrant from Mexico and I cannot remember all of the details but I think he maybe had a seizure. The jist of it was that we found on his MRI of his brain that he had a worm growing in his brain…most probably from contaminated food. Now, what is going on with this fine young wormy man now? I have no idea. As an immigrant, he had no health insurance. We sent him to a neurologist and he never followed up. Scary….