A good pair we make

Adam and I that is. Bakers, home-remodelers, photographers…On Thanksgiving I took family photos of my sister, her husband and six kids. It was crazy. Calissa Jo is three so she lasted all of about four shots and had enough of that as far as the cute smiling went. Imagine trying to get eight people to all look at me at once smiling. And, then hopefully all of their eyes are open, their hair isn’t blowing in their faces (since six of the eight are girls). All of the photos were outside and as it was Thanksgiving everything was dead but we still went to this gorgeous park with the idea in mind that I’d take the photos home and Adam and I would work on them to make them look “better”.

Although we don’t have six kids (we are “dinks” as my sister says~double income with no kids~) we are still very busy people so it has taken us FOREVER to get this first main one done. We have about six more that are what I’d call Christmas card worthy but this is my favorite I think so we finished it first. The before and after….tada: (click to enlarge)



*things to note that were changed: Madison (blonde standing on the left needed her head changed as her eyes were closed, grass was made green, bushes obviously removed, Calissa Jo (toddler) jeans pulled down to cover ankles, twig in front of Madison’s leg removed, Buildings behind them removed, stool to the right of them removed, everyone’s face was lightened, most of the stones were touched up…

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