Domestic I Am Not


I am not domestic. Used to be. Not anymore. What happened to me? Not sure. My mom says it is this house. It ruined that part of me. I used to keep things so clean my sister said you could eat off of our floors. I used to cook. I used to love to paint and do all sorts of crafts. There is no huge secret (well at least not now I guess) that I have battled serious depression and such and things have been worse over the years…a waxing and waning of sorts. I’ve (we’ve) been trying to get myself back. Things kind of peaked again the beginning of October. I crashed a little and have been trying to bounce back…therefore my rubber duckies!!! Did you know flour expires? Yep, it does. Found that out yesterday…ours did two years ago. Eggs do too. Ours did in September.

I decided to bake Christmas cookies this year. Adam has been helping very graciously and we’ve been at it for two days straight and having tons of fun. Seriously!

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