don’t got a belly button


So I miss writing. I really do. Right now I have a sticky note sitting next to me of things I want to share but I literally just looked over my shoulder and not only did Lainey roll from her back to her tummy but she also turned 180 degrees. How. Cool. Is. That! I don’t want to miss anything. All of these little things that this gal is doing freaking amaze me. Clearly I knew she would do all of these things. Educated as I am, I check for and ask parents about these things every day but watching her do these things blows my ever loving mind! I am so blessed to have the luxury of having her be at home with Adam. And, yes, it IS very much a luxury to have a spouse that can be a stay-at-home parent. I knew within minutes when she rolled from her back to her tummy the first time and had a video to watch within minutes after that!

I want so much for her and want to do so much for her. Adam says we can only spoil her if she doesn’t know that she is being spoiled. Oh man, we are so in trouble!

We started planting our garden last week…mostly all of the root veggies so far. Peas, parsnips, turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots and rutabagas (and no, Janna, rutabagas are not a type of purple car!). We plan on also doing egg plant, green beans, acorn and butternut squash and zucchini. Our goal is actually to try to do exclusive breast milk until about nine months and then introduce solids. Initially (like in last week!) we were thinking about pureeing the veggies from the garden and putting them up for the winter….but  now we are thinking more about going the baby-led weaning approach. The whole theory behind this simply makes sense to me. I’m just not real sure what to do with foods like rutabaga (ha!), the squashes, etc. I’d love to still be able to use our bounty from this summer for Lainey next winter but if we don’t puree them I am afraid that blanching and freezing them will make their consistency too gooey? Hmmmm, not sure. If anyone has any ideas or other baby-led experiences you’d like to share, let me know, emmkay?!

In other news, we now know with 100% certainty that a blow-out is not a true blow-out unless it:

  1. includes all four of the child’s extremities
  2. requires the disposal of the outfit the child was in
  3. requires the use of every wipe you have left in your possession
  4. involves the child’s neck
  5. gets under the parent’s fingernails

Adam has created a song list that he has playing during the day for Lainey titled “Lainey play time”. In it includes a lot of classic children’s christian songs but it also has many of the veggie tale songs. This one in particular has really taken our home by storm. I would like to say I am embarrassed that we both know pretty much all of the words to this song (but I’m not!). The thing is this…the song is hilarious.

p.s. Lainey is FOUR months old tomorrow!!!


nothing is the same

As I fall asleep at night and think of my day I can’t help but think of how nothing is the same. Nothing. I am married to the same wonderful man. Our address is the same and we drive the same car. But, really that is it. And, I love it! Our lives are so full at last. Today started a new chapter as I returned to work. I am only seeing patients two days this week, three next and then will return fully the week after. Last night was tough. I didn’t want Lainey to go to bed because then I had to go to bed which would mean this morning came, and so on. I’ll admit most of my tears were cried last night, with only a few shed this morning. I remembered to be so thankful that I didn’t have to bundle her up and take her out with me as Adam held her in the garage waving at me when I pulled away. She will stay home with him full-time.

Undoubtedly there will be days when I can’t get away for lunch and on these days they will join me at my office to eat and Daddy even says they will be coming to visit me at other times during the day when I get settled at the clinic. Having been unexpectedly gone my desk and patient schedule are (kind of) a mess but will get better within a couple of weeks! The one thing I want to share is how this morning at work for the first time in years I was actually looking forward to this evening already. I couldn’t wait to get home and rub my little girl’s peach fuzz head! Our lives used to be happy, don’t get me wrong, but I truly felt like I was on an episode of groundhog day most of the time. I would get up, go to work, come home, eat supper, read something, go to bed and then do it again the next day. Being married for 19 years, I guess you could say we were in a rut from being in the same routine forever. Losing babies and depression compounded this exponentially! Adam and I are the perfect match as he is usually always “up” and that way if I ever struggled with something he was able to grab me by the shirt collar and pull me up with him, but after losing Lainey in November, we were both at our lowest of lows. It is so wonderful to feel alive again. To want to be here tomorrow. To look into those beautiful crystal blue eyes and see our future!

I brought two photos with me to the office today, one was this one:


Mundane, everyday things now hold new meaning. Planning our garden out on paper, something we have done for several years, was a blast! Things like turnips, sweet potatoes and parsnips?! Yay! Who would have thought? Why, of course we need to plant those so that we can put them up for our Miss Lainey to eat next winter!

Love her faces to pieces!!!

2015-03-12 002 2015-03-15 001

It is wonderful to have someone other than Adam and I to be aware of, to plan for. And, I know it is just beginning. I realize that some of you Mama’s of teenagers out there are probably saying “Oh, Shana…you have NO idea what you are wishing for!!!”. And, you are probably right! But, for now, I am enjoying figuring out silly things like where she is going to take swim lessons this summer already! =)

Please keep praying for the little one (Baby E) that I have mentioned previously. Baby E and her family need our prayers very much!

Oh, one last nursery teaser! We were surprised when her furniture came in one month sooner than we thought!!

2015-03-18 002


us II

More on what makes us tick!

  • We love music. Both of us. It is not unusual for Christian worship to be playing in the living room, 80’s rock-and-roll in my office and Christian hard-rock in Adam’s office. All at the same time. Throw in a little bit of Beatles, Bob Marley and IZ and we are happy, happy happy. We usually have spa-like music (think running water from a river-type of music) playing on pandora while reading before bed at night to wind down from the day.
  • Our nieces and nephews have been perhaps the biggest thing in our lives for well-over a decade. Aside from occasionally traveling by ourselves, our time has been spent going to football, basketball, and volleyball games, even a little track and a few plays here and there. Throw in a graduation or five and we have enjoyed watching these little people become big people.
  • There are perhaps two things that we are most proud of. First, how successful my baby brother (AKA Boy) is as we like to think that we played a (teeny) role in helping him become who he is. Secondly, we are very proud of the financial strides we have made in the past five years. This is big for us. Really big. We used to be credit-card people. That is a thing of the past and we are very proud of this.
  • We don’t have TV. Well, we have lots of TVs in the house (exercise room, living room, our bedroom) but do not have cable. This is something we started several years back after we realized that we would just sit and stare at the TV, doing nothing with ourselves. For a few years we would still get cable from August to February so we could watch football but this year we didn’t even do that. I WILL admit….it sucks not being able to watch football right now. We do watch shows or movies on netflix or vudu, though so we are unfortunately not completely disconnected!
  • We love to garden together. We never had a garden until we moved to our current home where we started above-ground square foot gardening and we have loved it! We mostly do it all together, including canning. We’ve canned peaches, stewed tomatoes, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and pickles. Every year we put up carrots, peas and corn and store our potatoes in the crawl space for the winter.
  • We love to work on our home. Whether it is completely repainting a room a different color together or making projects together. We are a good combo. Adam does the sewing and sawing, I do the putting-together of things.
  • We flirt. Adam more than me. With each other, of course!! Adam is very grabby and teases me relentlessly. I love that guy.
  • We sleep with a box fan. This is something Adam “brought” to the marriage but is a staple now. Whenever we travel (even in Mexico!) we have our taxi take us to a walmart or somewhere similar to get a box fan on the way to our hotel. We finally smartened up and now keep a box fan in our car for when we travel that way. I can’t tell you how many box fans we have bought over the years because we “forgot” to bring one. I think we have at least 5 or 6 of them in storage! Every night when I turn the fan on Adam says it’s “the best sound in the world!”.


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birdie torture

Our spinach is looking! Popeye would be proud. But. The neighborhood birds are taking liberties with our produce! Last year I researched what to do to prevent them from utilizing our garden as a restroom and got the idea to use old cds. We hammered old cds shiny side up all along the top of our trellises and the reflection deterred the birds wonderfully. The cds dulled over the winter, not surprisingly, and my plan was to just replace with fresh cds. Adam had way more grandiose ideas, though. And, so far it is working great! Have not found a single bird pierced to the board thankfully and the neighbors haven’t asked if we are doing some sort of medieval torture experiment.