….so, here you are…

Where to start, oh where to start. I suppose the picture above is one of those that sort of speaks for itself and tells you “HELLO~BIG CHANGES HAPPENIN’ AT THE CARTER’S!!”. Which, there are. And up until today we weren’t comfortable “completely” sharing what is going on as Adam is just now discussing things with his employer.

I have been in this practice for a little over 7 years. I have A LOT vested in this practice and this little community. I love my patients. As you have read in previous posts we have completely (literally) re-done our home. She turned 100 this year, ya know~and I have the paperwork to get ‘er listed on the National Historic Registry. I ran out of time, though. Fortunately we put very little of the renovations on top of the home mortgage. We paid for things as we went, Praise God~which allowed us to sell it thus leading to the fun picture above!

The end of May I received a call from my sister (who lives in Kearney) to casually mention to me that there was a job opening listed in their paper for a family practice in Cozad. 

Hmmm. Well.

We had just returned from Adam’s mom’s graduation and spending time in Mississippi where we visited with his parents extensively about where we are at in our life and what we are doing, etc.  We came  back from that trip knowing that a change was needed in my employment someday but didn’t know when or where. Heck, at this point we still weren’t even sure if we might even go back to Montana! I decided to nose around a bit but this basically hit us like a pizza being delivered. WHAM!

The long of the short is that we are moving to a wonderful new community September 21st. Cozad, Nebraska is only 45 minutes west of my sister, rather than 3 hours southeast. I will no longer be taking call. Both of these will be nice things if we can have a family someday~ya’ think? The medical community is what I would consider “healthy”. Without going into tons of detail, let me just say that there are not as many issues there as there are here. It is always important to remember however that there is no such thing as a “perfect” job (darnit-to-heckola!) but I am hopeful for a more healthy work environment. The physicians I will be working with are awesome. All young with families. There is only one other female and she is prego with her first babe! Excited for her! I will have my own nurse (yay!!) and her name is Janna. We just met her this past weekend and she is going to be just perfect I know it (more to come about Janna~would ya believe that we are actually looking at buying her house?! WEIRD!).

Cozad is three times the size of Tecumseh. It has an Alco people, an Alco!!!! For those of you that don’t know what that is, Alco is like a Super Walmart in rural no-where-villes. About Adam? Not sure yet. Like I started this post out….just now telling his employer. It would be kinda’ cool if he could do some of what he does for them from home in Cozad and still keep his job. We’ll see.

Up until Saturday morning, I couldn’t think past….well, anything really. I was overwhelmed, worrying about where we were going to live. We were planning to rent a place and just have someone keep an eye on our home here while it sat empty. Because, while I may have been dealing with this job deal for awhile, we just finished our house three weeks ago and therefore just got it listed. No stress at our house. None at all.

I have so much more I could say but I am going to end this post now by just saying that by the grace of God….our home sold after being on the market for only 16 DAYS…16 days people!!!! Did we list it too low? Probably. Are we going to be able to pay off our mortgage? You betcha’! With $445.00 to spare baby! We decided when we were going to list that we were going to go for only what we needed, to not be greedy and to pray the house would move. We had a couple of people interested in it Saturday~I sent out a text asking for prayers; Adam actually layed his hand on the house and prayed and by noon it was sold and by Sunday we were house shopping in our new town.

Can I get an Amen?!


So. That being said. Saturday night at about 1:15 in the morning one of our dogs started crying. About 15 minutes later she started crying again and Adam finally woke up and grumbled and got out of bed and took both of them downstairs and outside for about 10 minutes (leaving me defenseless mind you). Not understanding why they never went potty, he gave up and brought them back in and upstairs. They both shot up the stairs and into my craft room which is right at the top of the stairs, at the opposite end of the hallway from our bedroom. He was like, what the heck and went in and turned on the light and both the dogs heads are doing the whole “back and forth~back and forth thing” while looking up at the ceiling. Lo’ and behold….a bat. I am not kidding. A beady eyed, vicious…full grown bat. With big wings and everything (probably even had fangs!). Flying in circles. The room is shaped just so that it’s sonar must have been bouncing off the walls and not telling it where the door was because Adam said it was just flying in a perfect oblong-like circle the entire length of the room over and over again. OH MY GOSH! Beady eyes. A Bat, people. Adam (who, unlike me, does NOT exaggerate)  says it’s wingspan was about 16 inches.

NOTE: this is not really "our" bat...but I bet it looks just the same!!!

About this time I wake back up and realize Adam is still gone and holler at him asking where he is and he said we had a friend over. Well he was standing outside the guest room all nonchalantly, as it is next to the craft room, so I literally thought for some reason someone stopped over and needed a place to stay or something and said “who?”. Of course the easy goin’ Adam that he is he calmly replies, “a bat”. I promptly freaked. I mean, really lost it. Instantly sat up in bed, lights on, screamed at him “be careful, don’t let it spit at you!”. (Later my sister’s response to that comment was…they aren’t llamas, Shana). For some reason, though I swear I had read somewhere that they spit on people! So, Adam is in this room with one of my bath towels and swings at the bat and knocks it down. Kills it. At least that is what he thinks. He asks me what to do with it and I promptly yell “throw it out the window, quick” (I mean…yuck yuck…get rid of the thing!!!!!). He replies to me something about the dogs eating it in the morning or something and instead decides to carry it downstairs and throw it in the side yard but you have to remember that when he knocked the thing down it’s wings stayed completely spread out so he had to fold them in, accordion style. Yuck yuck yuck!!!! He took it and threw it out in our side yard and the minute it hit the ground it took off and flew away. Must have just been knocked out. I have since read that they can pollinate your bushes and grass~that beastly beady eyed thing had better do that since Adam was kind enough to let him live, I tell ya! (My brother just says Adam must be a bat-whisperer).

He didn't look like this...but I bet he could have!

Meanwhile I am already on the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) website to see if they spit or not! Which of course they do not…but they do urinate on you to spread rabies. Aha…I knew they secreted in someway! Adam was relentless that the bat did not pee on him so I let him come back to bed. I then saw a picture of bat babies on the website and another episode of “freaking” began. Apparently male bats have a little reddish tint to their chest so I grilled Adam about what it looked like and he is all about how he was somewhat in self defense mode (or we could imagine he was thinking…I need to save my lovely wife from this killer beast!!!) and didn’t bother to look at the color of his fur for pete’s sake!

People. Let me tell you the real deal. For the past 8 weeks or so we have been hearing these scratching noises coming from that room and have been joking amongst ourselves that the “craft room is going to fall off the house”…ha ha, the joke is on us. Well, we thought Bob the bat was gone, until a half hour later. Scratch, scratch. I jumped. We both heard it. The scratches are still there. Every time I get up to potty during the night I am finding myself ducking and looking at the ceiling for bat babies. I’ll probably never scrapbook again as the craft room has now been dubbed “Bob’s room” after all. In fact the day after I had gotten a plant to liven up the corner in that room and I told Adam that I sure hoped Bob’s babies appreciate the beauty of it! My sister says to fumigate the attic. You can’t do that, it’s not like you can just go up with a can of RAID and that will take care of them. My brother said the humane thing would be for me to poke holes in all of my walls releasing all of the bat babies (he was joking of course).

There probably aren’t any babies but the entire point is enough to almost cause insanity and make me move to the lower level of our house. So, I leave you with a picture of Bob’s room with his new plant.

…the quickest way down is to….

fall. We were leaving to watch my niece play state bball in Lincoln this am and were actually running on time (shocking in and of itself I know!) so I was NOT hurrying but I slipped from the top step of our staircase and fell down the entire flight of stairs. This has been a fear since we’ve moved here, especially since we decided to remove all carpets and return all of the floors back to their original historic wood.

Thankfully I didn’t go head first. Adam was already downstairs and as they ARE wood it was quite loud. He says he heard my shoes make it down first, then me. I hyperextended my left shoulder which was my first concern as I’d hate to have a rotator injury but after we kind of took better inventory of all my parts we realized we had an issue with that actual arm. Plus, a bunch of bruises, and as time is progressing grunts and growns where new aches are coming.

I have a fracture right below my elbow. Fortunately not a terrible type and I will NOT, I repeat..will NOT be casting it. I ran real quick to the clinic to have one of my partners xray it before we headed to Lincoln and have it in a sling for now until the pain is a little better and then we’ll go from there. But, really…I have no interest in a full arm cast, armpit casting just isn’t for me and it is really only a “buckle” type fracture so it is more of a “puttin'” up with the pain type of scenario which I am noticing even tonight is mainly with any rotation or lifting anything. I still am concerned about the darn shoulder, that may be the thing that gets me in the end…we’ll just have to wait and see.

The long and the short….you get to the bottom of the stairs way faster that way. And, as my brother-in-law ever so kindly pointed out to me, you are officially old once you fall and break something vs. falling and jumping right back up and saying “I’m okay, it’s all good!!!”. So, I’m old.

Womb preparation, roofing, bi/trilingualism & luvin hockey

here we have snippets from the past 3 weeks:

  • My mama is home. Yippee! After three months gone taking care of my ill Pepe in Florida we are very happy to have her home. I missed missed missed her.
  • We are getting ready physically, mentally and spiritually for a little babe. Or, as I told my baby brother…”I am getting my womb ready”. He subsequently freaked and said “please don’t say that word…it’s way to close to the ovaries”.
  • I experienced a few days of euphoric relief when we learned Adam’s cousin (he was our best man) is having twin boys. You see, Adam’s Dad often prophesies and many years ago said I would have twin boys and I thought briefly that maybe he just saw the wrong person…Adam’s mom says no, though..it was me with the twin boys. That frightens the living daylights out of me and I would be lying if I did not admit that it hasn’t played a teensy role in us not multiplying as of yet.
  • I met with our accountant today and left smiling brightly. We will be getting a refund big enough to roof half of our home! What about the other half, you may ask? We haven’t figured that part out yet…taking any and all suggestions…
  • Our niece Rebecca is a senior this year and is still shooting to go IVY. She has had a phone interview by Columbia and a personal interview with both Harvard and Princeton!!!! Holy Crapola~we are so proud of her and hope she gets in.
  • I’ve decided I need to learn to knit. I’m not sure why~maybe it has something to do with getting the womb ready. Adam was with me at one of my medical conferences last week and my “teach yourself to knit” book and needles and yarn were there and wouldn’t ya know it….he taught himself while I was at the conference and now he is teaching me. He is such a manly man. A studly man.
  • I am learning Haitian Creole via a ten lesson system on cds. I’m a mess. Between the french that is shockingly still back there in the brain still from high school and the spanish I use in my practice now I can’t figure out what I’m saying half the time. Today I mastered how to say “I understand a little Haitian Creole” and “I am American”.
  • For the first real time I have been seriously devastated that we do not have tv. I would love to be watching the Olympics. While we were actually in a hotel WITH tv at my conference the only thing on EVERY freakin’ channel was crud about Tiger Woods….spare me and everyone else! We were able to illegally watch the US vs. Canada Hockey game last Sunday and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Having grown up on the ice, I have a special spot in my heart for hockey but that game was great and I can’t wait to see who we will play in the finals!
  • One final thing….I did see some bobsledding while at my mom’s for supper this week and have decided that my family is made for bobsledding. IE: physically. We have the same calves and thighs those guys do so I’ve put a call out to my siblings but so far no one has stepped up and volunteered to start traininng with me. Bummer.