We had an earthquake at our house last night, what’d you have?

For real. No joke. We were lying in bed working on the internet and the house literally shook. The dogs freaked and started running around and barking. It lasted just a brief few seconds. Adam said “My God, what was that!”. And, proceeded to search the house thinking something was falling apart. Then we thought maybe something blew up in town, maybe a train wrecked (I mean nothing this exciting has happened in Tecumseh since the inmate escaped from the maximum security Tecumseh State Correctional Institution three years ago~another great story)…then brilliant me had an aha moment! (CLICK ON THE PICTURE)


I went to the US earthquake page and wouldn’t ya know it…bam right there a big red square right over us! A 3.5 magnitude earthquake at 8:53 pm. The epicenter was about 18 miles east of our home. What is funny is that there have only been a dozen or so of these earthquakes in this area in the last couple of centuries I am told so here I am thinking there is big money to be made if someone would just make a shirt that said “I survived the 2009 Johnson County Earthquake!”. I mean come on people~talk about an extreme business opportunity!

Adam and I debated and went around and around about sleeping in the doorways last night for our safety in case there were aftershocks. I mean, ya never know!

By the way…it only took a little over 12 minutes for the “after shocks” per se to ricochet to Tokyo…Adam found this really cool…here is a picture of that:


Things I THINK should be sold in pairs…

socks. shoes. earrings. mittens. chop-sticks. skis. knee-pads. leg-warmers…..CURTAINS!!!!!!!


For pete’s sake. My in-laws got us the beautiful curtains for our living and sitting rooms for Christmas that I picked out. Here we are tonite all excited to finally put these fancy schmancy double rod thingys up for these double type curtains and each package only has one panel. ONE. Yes, I am aware that it says PANEL, as in the singular sense. I see that nice and clearly now. Adam cannot fathom how I didn’t notice it before. I suppose I just assumed curtains fell into the things sold as a “pair” grouping.

stupid panel

stupid panel

Adam says nooooo, JCPenney’s curtains are just so fancy that they have to sell them separately in case fancy people want an odd number of panels. Whatever that means.

The problem with a huge backyard

…is that it is AWFUL come fall to keep up with the leaves!!!! 65 bags right here, folks~yep, you read right. That is the big sixty five there!

Sixty Five!!!

Sixty Five!!!

Our neighbor’s boyfriend came over and was raking her leaves and Adam said, “I need to get me a boyfriend like that!”. I don’t think we should go there though.

You should see the leaves though…they keep coming and coming! And, yes, Rachel the weather has been freakishly nice as it has been in the 60s and 70s the past week. All I can say is that I am sure we have one heck of a winter in store for us!

Who doesn’t love a sneak-peak

Just a sneak-peak on the book shelves in the library. Adam and his Dad custom-made these out of oak a couple of months ago and got them mostly installed. Adam has been finishing up some of the trim the past couple of days and my mom has been applying the polyurethane. When I was at the antique salvage place in Lincoln I got some antique brass knobs for each of the doors on the bottom.


Needless to say, am I not soooo lucky to have both a husband and a dad-in-law that are so very talented?!