a little extra oomph

Madison and Anna did awesome at the state junior high track meet last weekend. I especially like that they kept with the family tradition of using all of your assets to excel. When their older sisters Jordan and Rebecca were playing high school sports it never failed that we caught pics similar to these. Of course this specialty did not come from my sister’s side! There’s just something about their tongue that makes them go a lil’ faster or makes them a wee bit stronger.

Friday Night Lights

Ahhhh, time for Friday Night Lights....LOVE this time of year!

I love me some football. Hooray for fall-so thankful it is here and thankful we live close enough to watch my Nephew, David play often. Built just like baby brother Jesse, David is 6’2″, 250lbs. He is #75 and plays both ways on the line.


I LOVE these next two shots:





Womb preparation, roofing, bi/trilingualism & luvin hockey

here we have snippets from the past 3 weeks:

  • My mama is home. Yippee! After three months gone taking care of my ill Pepe in Florida we are very happy to have her home. I missed missed missed her.
  • We are getting ready physically, mentally and spiritually for a little babe. Or, as I told my baby brother…”I am getting my womb ready”. He subsequently freaked and said “please don’t say that word…it’s way to close to the ovaries”.
  • I experienced a few days of euphoric relief when we learned Adam’s cousin (he was our best man) is having twin boys. You see, Adam’s Dad often prophesies and many years ago said I would have twin boys and I thought briefly that maybe he just saw the wrong person…Adam’s mom says no, though..it was me with the twin boys. That frightens the living daylights out of me and I would be lying if I did not admit that it hasn’t played a teensy role in us not multiplying as of yet.
  • I met with our accountant today and left smiling brightly. We will be getting a refund big enough to roof half of our home! What about the other half, you may ask? We haven’t figured that part out yet…taking any and all suggestions…
  • Our niece Rebecca is a senior this year and is still shooting to go IVY. She has had a phone interview by Columbia and a personal interview with both Harvard and Princeton!!!! Holy Crapola~we are so proud of her and hope she gets in.
  • I’ve decided I need to learn to knit. I’m not sure why~maybe it has something to do with getting the womb ready. Adam was with me at one of my medical conferences last week and my “teach yourself to knit” book and needles and yarn were there and wouldn’t ya know it….he taught himself while I was at the conference and now he is teaching me. He is such a manly man. A studly man.
  • I am learning Haitian Creole via a ten lesson system on cds. I’m a mess. Between the french that is shockingly still back there in the brain still from high school and the spanish I use in my practice now I can’t figure out what I’m saying half the time. Today I mastered how to say “I understand a little Haitian Creole” and “I am American”.
  • For the first real time I have been seriously devastated that we do not have tv. I would love to be watching the Olympics. While we were actually in a hotel WITH tv at my conference the only thing on EVERY freakin’ channel was crud about Tiger Woods….spare me and everyone else! We were able to illegally watch the US vs. Canada Hockey game last Sunday and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Having grown up on the ice, I have a special spot in my heart for hockey but that game was great and I can’t wait to see who we will play in the finals!
  • One final thing….I did see some bobsledding while at my mom’s for supper this week and have decided that my family is made for bobsledding. IE: physically. We have the same calves and thighs those guys do so I’ve put a call out to my siblings but so far no one has stepped up and volunteered to start traininng with me. Bummer.

a leetle bit of this and that…

I’m just getting around to writing about our trip to Kearney last week. We started out by watching several basketball games. Our two younger nieces play on the same team and it was nice to actually watch them this year as they are at an age where everyone knew which direction to run on the court and how to dribble, etc. Good times good times.

We then moved on to my nephews games. He plays both JV and Varsity and is very good of course. We just love this picture. We think he is perhaps warming up for a future in ballet maybe (#24).

We then switched gears and watched our niece play her game. She is a senior and headed to state I am sure as they are doing very well this season. She is also still hoping to make it into an ivy league college so we are very proud of her. These kids are so calm, cool and collected on the court. This is something they have learned from their parents. This picture shows this. Becky is shooting at the line and you can’t hardly tell it. No pressure there. It reminds us of her older sister, Jordan at state four years ago (which they won, by the way) where she was at the line (by herself by the way because it was for a technical) in front of hundreds of fans and hit each bucket and did it effortlessly.

Then, one more final game. Our nephew’s varsity game. Yes, at this point we had callused bleacher butt and my sister said suck it up as she does this 96.3% of her life so she is used to it. This game had this ginormous kid…6’10” and only a junior (can’t wait until next year, baby!). I imagined his name was Sven and he was from Switzerland or somewhere like that (they grow them big there, don’t they?) but then I suppose Nebraskans like to say….”that there is a nice, big corn-fed boy”. Whatever that means, like corn will make us big and strong. “Eat your corn John-boy so you can be big and strong like Sven on that basketball team!!!”. I know #11 is a wonderful young man but I just have to put this picture in here to illustrate Sven’s size.

We then headed to my sister’s house where we got to meet Slyther’s replacement (you know, the albino snake that choked on it’s dinner). Well, I guess they were out of albinos so this one isn’t but it is growing well we were told…”up to two mice per feeding now”. They say it like a proud mama and papa would! She named this one Slink. So, okay..I know it doesn’t look that big now but you have to understand our concerns. They are telling us it will get to 4-6 feet long and pretty thick around and the room we sleep in when we visit is just down the hall. This is really bothersome to little ol’ us. And, Calissa, too…I mean, look at her face when she is looking at Slink:

"holy schneikes!"

Finally, a couple of innocent funny little things heard at my sisters house last week:

  • what is ignorant? (asked by one young niece)
  • he’s like 40, he’s really really old (a comment made about a professional athlete)