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I’m just getting around to writing about our trip to Kearney last week. We started out by watching several basketball games. Our two younger nieces play on the same team and it was nice to actually watch them this year as they are at an age where everyone knew which direction to run on the court and how to dribble, etc. Good times good times.

We then moved on to my nephews games. He plays both JV and Varsity and is very good of course. We just love this picture. We think he is perhaps warming up for a future in ballet maybe (#24).

We then switched gears and watched our niece play her game. She is a senior and headed to state I am sure as they are doing very well this season. She is also still hoping to make it into an ivy league college so we are very proud of her. These kids are so calm, cool and collected on the court. This is something they have learned from their parents. This picture shows this. Becky is shooting at the line and you can’t hardly tell it. No pressure there. It reminds us of her older sister, Jordan at state four years ago (which they won, by the way) where she was at the line (by herself by the way because it was for a technical) in front of hundreds of fans and hit each bucket and did it effortlessly.

Then, one more final game. Our nephew’s varsity game. Yes, at this point we had callused bleacher butt and my sister said suck it up as she does this 96.3% of her life so she is used to it. This game had this ginormous kid…6’10” and only a junior (can’t wait until next year, baby!). I imagined his name was Sven and he was from Switzerland or somewhere like that (they grow them big there, don’t they?) but then I suppose Nebraskans like to say….”that there is a nice, big corn-fed boy”. Whatever that means, like corn will make us big and strong. “Eat your corn John-boy so you can be big and strong like Sven on that basketball team!!!”. I know #11 is a wonderful young man but I just have to put this picture in here to illustrate Sven’s size.

We then headed to my sister’s house where we got to meet Slyther’s replacement (you know, the albino snake that choked on it’s dinner). Well, I guess they were out of albinos so this one isn’t but it is growing well we were told…”up to two mice per feeding now”. They say it like a proud mama and papa would! She named this one Slink. So, okay..I know it doesn’t look that big now but you have to understand our concerns. They are telling us it will get to 4-6 feet long and pretty thick around and the room we sleep in when we visit is just down the hall. This is really bothersome to little ol’ us. And, Calissa, too…I mean, look at her face when she is looking at Slink:

"holy schneikes!"

Finally, a couple of innocent funny little things heard at my sisters house last week:

  • what is ignorant? (asked by one young niece)
  • he’s like 40, he’s really really old (a comment made about a professional athlete)

2 thoughts on “a leetle bit of this and that…

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  2. I’ll bet you did have callouses or flattened butts after a trip like that. Ha! I bet your sister has her game-watching systems down. Getting out the door with all appropriate clothing, equipment, cameras, thermoses, etc.

    The shot with your nephew (#24) could totally be a soccer picture, but for the uniforms. There’s even a ball jutting off to the side. It’s so fun that you enjoy your nieces and nephews and their various endeavors.

    “I know that #11 is a wonderful young man….” ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, Sven must’ve eaten corn and/or licorice and/or pixi sticks and/or carrots and/ or other long skinny foods.

    What is ignorant? Best question I’ve heard in a long while.

    Slink is adorable….if he/she’d only stay that size.


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