what we learned from the little people

If you didn’t read the earlier post about the little people’s visit, do so now…

So, here is what we learned from their all too brief stay.

  • In first and third grade you can’t do homework in pen. Adam tried and got the kids in trouble…notes were sent home on day two about using pencils!!!
  • ¬†Giving a child free reign in the library to pick any book he would like us to read him to bed probably isn’t the best idea. Two minutes later he comes carrying out a children’s encyclopedia, 300 pages long and of course Adam cannot say no (note to self: set a limit on the size of the book I guess). She comes carrying out three scrapbooks telling our life story.
  • Getting “ready for bed” might just end up taking an hour and a half
  • Next time I need to be better prepared to have my hair styled. I didn’t have near enough product for her to use on my hair for the styles she was wanting to try. As Adam said the night they were gone (to soothe me in case I was feeling withdrawals)….honey, do you want me to french braid your hair?
  • When they say they want the salad bar at Pizza Hut they really just want a teaspoon of chocolate pudding
  • Sometimes it is easier to just give in
  • And, last but definitely not least because this is the BEST lesson learned. Apparently, this isn’t the best way to wear them out. To run them down and tire them out for bed after they’ve had ice cream after school, soda and hot chocolate at supper and cookies for dessert. Because they were still up and going at¬†11pm!

4 thoughts on “what we learned from the little people

  1. Now, when I go back and look at this…perhaps this is why we are still child-less!! Yikes!!

  2. Oh my word! That was HILARIOUS!! I watched it a couple times. My favorite parts are watching the tiny little legs try to run so fast, and also, when the lil’ boy gets the weight out and adds that into the routine for like 3 seconds. What a blast!

    And you’re nuts… you guys will be GREAT parents. Get on that!

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