the little people are coming

are coming to stay, that is. We have some friends that had to be out of town somewhat unexpectedly this weekend and their two older kids are staying with us tomorrow and Tuesday (1st grade and 4th I believe). Sadly, this is the first time we’ve had company since we’ve bought this house, other than those that have come to stay to work on the house that is. I write sadly because the house is just now safe really for kids to be around as far as wires not hanging around and holes not being around for kids to fall in, etc. There are toilets that work, showers that work~ya know the basic things in life.

We aren’t accustomed to little people. We are used to animals. The type that when we get tired of them we can lock them in the back yard. The type we only have to feed twice per day and even then it is the same thing every time. My sister already asked, “what’re you going to feed them..they need to eat, you know”. We may not have had little people over for several years but let me tell you what, we aren’t that rusty.

It will be 36 hours of sugar, pizza, video games, nail-painting and playing, I tell ya. Adam is taking off early to pick them up from school both days and screw figuring out what to feed them ’cause we’re going out! All kids like pizza we figure…burgers too for night two. We have a new soda fountain in town that Adam happens to love. Lucky for him he’ll have little people to accompany him for an after school snack.

So, as we’re cleaning last night…cleaning places we haven’t cleaned yet in preparation for the little people I told Adam, “phew, I’m glad I got all that dog fur up, now I won’t worry about their poor little lungs”. Adam said, “that’s why we’re cleaning? I thought we’re cleaning so they wouldn’t tell their parents how messy we live.”. Silly, Adam.

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