For my mom


You’ve read many times about me picking on ol’ Philly, my mother’s more well-endowed kitty. Here’s her other one. Yesterday my mom said she just wants to come home. I can tell she is tired and is ready to come home but keeps plugging forward taking care of Pepe. So, here is Miss Delphia for you Mom.

On another kind of funny note (more sad I guess). Our furnace went out this week. It’s new so still under warranty, thank goodness. We have a furnace and a/c unit for each level of the house so the upstairs one was fine just the main level was a little chilly shall I say. About 50 degrees actually. Anyway, we don’t let any of the cats upstairs. All I could think about yesterday was how cold poor Philly must have been. Here he used to be with all of this thick fur and we took him and shaved him bald. At least he had his boots on I guess.

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