Things I THINK should be sold in pairs…

socks. shoes. earrings. mittens. chop-sticks. skis. knee-pads. leg-warmers…..CURTAINS!!!!!!!


For pete’s sake. My in-laws got us the beautiful curtains for our living and sitting rooms for Christmas that I picked out. Here we are tonite all excited to finally put these fancy schmancy double rod thingys up for these double type curtains and each package only has one panel. ONE. Yes, I am aware that it says PANEL, as in the singular sense. I see that nice and clearly now. Adam cannot fathom how I didn’t notice it before. I suppose I just assumed curtains fell into the things sold as a “pair” grouping.

stupid panel

stupid panel

Adam says nooooo, JCPenney’s curtains are just so fancy that they have to sell them separately in case fancy people want an odd number of panels. Whatever that means.

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