Valentine’s Box

Yep. You read correctly. I made a Valentine’s Day box. I am a 34 year old woman and made a Valentine’s Day box and had soooo much fun doing it. My husband helped and he had fun too! There are some girls at the clinic that made some last week (mainly from the office area) and the idea got me so giddy I couldn’t wait to make it! Just ask my nurse. She now says that nothing I say will ever surprise her. “Janna, guess what? I’m gonna make a Valentine’s Day box! Janna, I’m gonna make my own laundry soap. Janna, I think I’m going bald. Janna, I forgot to put deodorant on-do I smell?”

I decided to make an ambulance and enlisted my dear Husband’s help. I’m telling you this was the most fun the two of us have had by ourselves in a long time. We sat at a 6 foot table and it felt like we were in art class in 5th grade. It was great! We even drank soda pop! At the end Adam said, “ahhh, what a sense of accomplishment”. The great part is that it only cost $4. I had all of the paper, the brads, glue, metal strip thingy for the grill, paper, etc already in my scrap booking stash. All we bought was the white foam board and the lights for the top which are heart shaped rings~a buck a piece!


close up of the tires

And of course there is a 16 second video….